105-year-old “national treasure doctor” Shigaaki Hinohara health secret: 6 habits, live over 100 years

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1. Keep working.Hinohara Shigaaki is the emperor’s physician, is the first person in Japan to advocate preventive medicine, he is known as “the founder of Japanese medicine”.Hinohara shigaaki’s first secret of keeping healthy is “work”.At the age of 103, he was still sitting in a clinic one day a week, and his work made him happy, happy and worthwhile.He lived to be 105 years old and was called the “national treasure doctor” by the Japanese.”Work,” he often told his family and colleagues, “is the elixir against aging.In an interview with a media reporter, he admitted that the secret of my longevity is working all the time.In the months leading up to his death, he had been working tirelessly, working 18-hour days to help patients.2. Keep creating.At the age of 100, Shigaaki Hinohara continues to be creative.He broke the spell of age and achieved one “life” first after another, unencumbered by reality.First horse ride, first book of haiku, first book of fairy tales.In the continuous attempt to grow, in the continuous efforts to advance, life, struggle.It is said that as long as the heart is not old, one is not old.Many people’s aging, are from the “old heart” began.Feel old, do not fight, do not rob, content with the status quo.A lot of people interpret it as doing nothing.A few years ago, we saw Grandma Moses, who was also a model of doing something and enjoying herself. She began to learn painting at the age of 87 and became famous all over the world. She even held an exhibition at the age of 100.Romain Rolland said, creation destroys death.More often than not, creation is the best extension of life.3 Be happy in the moment.The progress of any kind of career requires sustained concentration and a high degree of “selflessness”.This “selflessness” is about being immersed in the moment and enjoying it.When we start to focus on the grass and trees around us, a porridge and rice, and even their own breathing and thinking, we will no longer be troubled by external things, and live a happy life.Because have a goal, have faith, and full of motivation;Because there is progress, there is fun, and interesting.Therefore, all emptiness, loneliness, melancholy, boredom, will vanish into thin air.’Touching and creating new things is an important way for me to enrich my old life,’ Mr. Hinohara said. ‘I live for death. I cherish everything now.’Aging is nothing to be afraid of, a steaming soul, like the rising sun, radiates energy and light!4 value output.Hinohara Shigaaki wrote in his book “Live well” : Born to be human, not only to live, but to live well.To live a long life, you must take care of your body and mind;To live well, you need to stay fresh and contribute value.Hinohara believes that people who love to help others are more likely to live a long and healthy life.This is not difficult to understand, help others the happiest is their own.Helping others often makes you feel at ease, comfortable, warm in heart and cheerful in spirit.In this state, qi and blood flow smoothly, Yin and Yang balance, health.Hinohara’s health philosophy is that helping others is the embodiment of one’s own worth;Health care itself does not cause trouble to the society, is also the embodiment of value.There can be such a good attitude, his “value output” is always willing, always endless.5. Plan for a rainy day.As a healthy person with no problem, Hinohara places great importance on developing healthy habits. He says we should start caring for our health at a young age.That is, in the case of good health, it is necessary to guard against small problems, and can not be taken lightly.This point, with “medical ancestors” bian Que said “on the treatment of disease” is exactly the same, similar, happen to coincide.There is no lack of such people around us. When we were young, we thought that our body was great and immune to poison. As we grow older, many diseases come and we regret it too much.Hino Hara shigaki pointed out that good health is the biggest responsibility of their own.In the average age of society, to be self-reliant, to be able to live with dignity.Only by deeply implanting the “health consciousness” into the soul and sharing the fate with yourself, can you be sincere and make progress.Thus, to achieve the goal of health.6. Control your weight.As the saying goes: gold can’t buy old age.As the saying goes, the longer your waistline, the shorter your life.Relatively speaking, thin person light as yan, flexible, suffering from high blood pressure, high blood fat and other diseases lower probability.According to Shigaaki Hinohara, a person’s weight at the age of 30 is ideal for life.It would be nice to keep it that way.He doesn’t just talk the talk, he does it very well.He maintained the healthy philosophy of “keeping weight off” all his life.From the age of 30 until his death at the age of 105, he maintained a weight of 60 kilograms, indicating that his self-discipline had reached its peak.Don’t underestimate this. He has a diet, a regular sleep schedule and a proper exercise routine in his life. It all goes into it.