Gu Ailing revealed the secret of success: sleep 10 hours a day, really useful?

2022-04-23 0 By

Gu’s gold medal sparked a flurry of online discussion.Many people pay attention to what kind of parents raise such a good child, one after another to investigate the reason.One netizen wrote in the article: “Gu Ailing reveals the secret of success: Sleep 10 hours a day, Bai Yansong calls on Chinese parents to learn!”Does it really work?To be honest, it is highly doubtful that simply getting 10 hours of sleep a day will work, perhaps in a few people, but in most children it will not be replicated.The amount of sleep a child needs varies from stage to stage, and from child to child.Sleep duration is linked to health problems in children, but there’s no good data on how much is related to intelligence.How to raise a child?We first have to think about what success is, define success before we can operate.We find that this society depends on skills, talent, knowledge, ideas, capital and physical strength to achieve success, just as the ancients said, line of 360, line of the champion.As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to have 100% control over what path a child will eventually take.What we can do is to help our children as much as possible at all stages.In children’s early childhood, parents can pay attention to children’s character building, emotional management, thinking development;When children are older, it is necessary to strengthen ideological education, cultural education and physical exercise;When the child is older, it is necessary to introduce some higher platforms for the child to contact.Parents need to see what they are good at.Speaking of the most critical, the most realistic, is still the parents themselves will do.On the one hand, parents can teach children as long as they are willing to teach them.If the parent is not good at something, do your best, because ultimately it is up to the child.