The Standing Committee of wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress held a symposium of NPC deputies in Wenzhou to collect suggestions and motion materials before the meeting

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This morning, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress organized a symposium of NPC deputies in Wenzhou to further strengthen the communication and docking between NPC deputies and suggestion units, lay a good foundation for the deputies to put forward high-quality proposals and proposals, and strive for more policy support for the reform and development of Wenzhou.Ge Yiping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, attended the meeting and spoke.
The fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) will open in Beijing on March 5.At the end of September last year, the standing Committee of the Municipal people’s Congress started collecting materials for proposals and suggestions of deputies to the national and provincial people’s congresses.The municipal government and the relevant units put forward a total of 16 NPC deputies suggested materials, mainly involving traffic construction, “two health” and other related to the long-term development of Wenzhou.Ge yiping pointed out that NPC deputies in Wenzhou should bear in mind their mission, live up to the great trust of the people, take the overall position, be diligent in thinking, and actively perform their duties to win more policy support for wenzhou’s development.We need to keep the overall situation in mind, conduct in-depth investigations and studies, and make our proposals and proposals more targeted, operational, and effective.To seriously participate in the meeting in accordance with the law, effectively play a role, fully show the good style of wenzhou NPC deputies, with greater performance of duty to help Wenzhou “continue to write the history of innovation, take the road of common prosperity”.Ge yiping stressed that all relevant units should strengthen coordination and coordination, strengthen communication with NPC deputies in Wenzhou and exchanges and contacts among counties (cities and districts) to ensure the high quality of suggestions.We need to carefully analyze major decisions, plans, and reform policies at the national level, and do a good job of analyzing, reviewing, summarizing, and reviewing them, so as to provide strong services for deputies to perform their duties in accordance with the law.Zhang Hongguo, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, attended the meeting.Source: Wenzhou News Network Reporter: Yu Shaoshun, Wang Quanquan, First review Editor: Ye Wei, Chief Editor: Ye Hong Review: Wang Yong, Director of Supervisor: Chen Taisheng, Supervisor: Wu Xiao, Chen Xiyu, Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi