Which one do you like best?

2022-04-23 0 By

First of all, of course, is the flying motorcycle of the pterosaur genome, which can not only fly freely in the air,It is also capable of spinning attacks or light projectiles fired by the pterodactyl cannon.The second abnormal form of horseman is of course the Vice skateboard of the jackal genome, which can not only move at high speed, but also has the amazing ability to jump.The wheels are super-accelerated, reaching maximum speed in seconds, the suspension absorbs impact, and sharp edges greatly increase impact damage.In the end, the baby kangaroo with the kangaroo genome, from the super Battle DVD, looks small but is crucial to solving the problem of endless resurrection of the sloth desperates.In the future, Vice will become a belt, but this will not be Vice.Which one do you like best? Leave a comment.