120-139.The Rockets went down with a 3 record plus 55 years of shame. Trent scored 42 points

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On February 11, 2022, the NBA regular season continues, the Rockets host the Raptors.The rockets lost 41-37, 23-36, 28-31, 28-35, 120-139 overall.Kevin Porter scored 30 points and Trent led the Raptors with 42 points.Currently, the Rockets are 15th in the West with a 15-39 record, while Toronto is sixth in the East with a 30-23 record.The rockets are 3-5 in their previous eight meetings, but have never lost to the Raptors on their home court.For both teams, the Rockets have won just once in their last eight games, including a 110-97 loss to the Pelicans.The Pelicans, meanwhile, have had their longest winning streak of the season (seven games).Raptors starters: Anunobi, Barnes, Achuwa, Siakam, Trent;Rockets starters: Matthews, Tate, Wood, Porter, Green.The Rockets outscored the raptors 41-37 in the first quarter, and the raptors didn’t do their best defensively in the first quarter.In the second quarter, the Raptors stepped up their defense as well as their perimeter offense, and rallied for a 36-23 lead that gave them a nine-point lead at 64-73.The rockets scored 9 points and 2 rebounds for Matthews, 11 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists for Tate, 6 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists for Wood, 17 points and 5 assists for Porter, 10 points for Green, 4 points and 2 rebounds for Martin, 3 points for Christopher and 4 points for Nwaba.Raptors: Anunobi 2 points, Barnes 5 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Achuwa 4 points 3 rebounds, Siakam 26 points, Trent 25 points 2 assists 3 steals, Boucher 4 points 3 rebounds, Flynn 3 points 3 rebounds, Bandon 4 points 2 rebounds 2 assists.The rockets’ turnovers began to increase in the third quarter, with Kevin Porter playing well but not nearly as well as The Raptors’ Gary Trent Jr.The raptors outscored the rockets 31-28 in the third quarter, 104-98.Gary Trent Jr. ‘s intrepidity continued in the fourth quarter, along with some great assists and rebounds from Scotty Barnes, as the Raptors continued their strong play to beat the Rockets 139-120.The race also set three new records.First, the Rockets lost their first home game against the Raptors since Oct. 10, 2019, marking the rockets’ latest three-game losing streak to the Raptors.Second, the Rockets suffered another four-game losing streak, winning just one of their last nine games, marking their worst start to a New Year in 55 years since 1967.Third, the Raptors won their eighth straight game, setting a season – best record.