When he was 18 years old, he became a commissar of division. When he was awarded a title, his epaulettes were torn off. He would not wear a military uniform even when he died and was buried

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After the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949.The founding of the new China could not be separated from the generals who fought bloody battles on the battlefield. They led the soldiers to fight off the Japanese and defeat the Kuomintang, so that the people finally lived a better life. So Chairman MAO decided to hold an award ceremony for these generals in Zhongnanhai.At the ceremony, the generals all received their military titles with honor and became the people in the national spotlight. However, something bad happened during the ceremony.Duan Su Quan, who was awarded the rank of major general at that time, tore off his epaulettes on the spot and said he would not wear the uniform even when he died and was buried.01 The Red Army with a lot of young heroes, like Ye Ting, Lin are young famous young generals, in fact, in addition to them, there is a person is also like this.At the age of 18, he had already become a commissar of the Supreme Division, and had been a member of the Communist Party of China before joining the Red Army. He experienced many ups and downs along the way and was eventually awarded the rank of major general, duan Suquan.Because Chiang Kai-shek betrayed the revolution crazy killing revolutionary patriots, the sacrifice of Comrade Li Dazhao also let the Communists see the warlord and the true face of the Kuomintang, so under the leadership of Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou, our party decided to uprising, the gun in their hands.Although at the beginning of the enemy hit a unprepared, but as the Kuomintang reaction, the strength of the two sides have a great disparity.After a few times after considering, chairman MAO put forward in the rural areas to encircle the cities armed seizing power policy, then we started to jinggangshan began to shift, as zhu always led the red army and later chairman MAO’s army stationed success, jinggangshan revolutionary base was formally established, revolutionary base started in xiangxi area overall development.With the expansion of base areas, but also led to the Kuomintang encirclement and suppression, although the previous several counter-encirclement and suppression have been successful, but their own casualties are also very heavy, especially because of the poor environment in the east of Guizhou, sparsely populated, by the Kuomintang crazy attack.At this time of crisis, the organization decided to shift, but the transfer of a large force required leaving a small force to contain the enemy.At the time of the crisis, duan Suquan was in the mind of the organization. He was only 18 years old at that time, but he was already a divisional commissar, so the division became a small unit to cover the withdrawal of the large army.After receiving task, Duan Suquan strive to start to prepare, and also want to pin down the enemy, cover the evacuation of large forces, 02 to complete the task of this period of the guerrilla warfare days is very difficult, because we have hold the enemy’s task, so they have to stick to here, but the weapons and equipment, food shortages for their guerrilla warfare by heavy resistance.However, Duan Fought to the end. In one battle, Duan was injured and the army could not find him. Fortunately, he was saved by local villagers.After this, Duan Su quan lost contact with the organization, although Duan Su Quan has been asking about the news of the organization, but because of the slow transmission of information, Duan Su Quan this departure is more than three years.Later, he heard that the large force has been successful and the organization of division, just happy ready to go to the west hunan looking for troops, but in fact, the organization thought duan Su Quan had died.Duan Suquan after finally came to shanxi, he was the first to find is jen pi-shih, at that time in the army, jen pi-shih is his old superior, originally thought Duan Suquan sacrificed in battle, the next saw Duan Suquan anchored to come back after they are very happy, Duan Suquan will continue the revolutionary ranks construction, weald strongholds.Duan Suquan has strong working ability and is serious and responsible, so he has gradually become an indispensable cadre in the organization.To the war of liberation, Duan Su Quan was sent to Lin’s troops as commander, but because this position is the original Lin’s old subordinate, Lin is very dissatisfied with the new Duan Su Quan, his opinion is quite deep.Duan Suquan in this paragraph of time s forces, organizational account all the tasks are beautiful, especially in LiaoShen battle, his troops has a very important influence for the result of the war, after the battle of LiaoShen, Duan Suquan had orders to the next stage, during this period, Duan Suquan all combat, destroy a lot of the kuomintang soldiers.If Duan Suquan had followed this path, he would have accepted the rank of general at the ceremony, but he was demoted due to a combat accident, which eventually affected his rating.03 su Quan was demoted su Quan in a series of tasks, he once again accepted the new task.However, the task was not handed to him on time, until the task was about to be completed, the specific task was conveyed to Duan Suquan, and because the mission information was unknown, duan Suquan finally missed the fighter.But Lin is like know in advance, sent other troops arrived to complete the task.After Chairman MAO knew this, he was very angry with Duan Suquan for not sending troops in time, but Duan Did not know the reason. In the post-war analysis report, Lin also pointed out Duan’s dereliction of duty, so Duan Was demoted.This incident also directly affected the conferment ceremony after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Duan Was very angry when he was only given the rank of major general and temporarily granted the rank of major general.Seeing that many of his subordinates had been awarded the rank of general, he tore off his epaulettes and said he would never wear the uniform again until he died.In the Battle of Liaoshen, Duan Suquan’s fifth and eighth columns suffered heavy casualties and made great contributions.But because the task is not clear, he gave duan Su right a punishment, he also feel very puzzling.Despite this, Duan Suquan also made a lot of contributions to the country after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and took the initiative to help build the Lao army.Duan Suquan made great contributions to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Laos and China. After all, in the early days of the founding of Laos, few countries established diplomatic relations with China. Every successful establishment of diplomatic relations with a country means that China’s international status has been further enhanced.Duan Suquan was originally a political commissar. He had a good understanding of mass mobilization and propaganda. In his later years, he also helped Deng Gong organize work for many times.