Yan Wushen repair for the realm into a mystery, the dark yan is not enough to cultivate today’s Yan Wushen?

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Introduction:The heavens tianjiao myriad universe, but can really grow up, the number of tianjiao every period are few and far between, and in this period, the current Zhang Rechen, yan no god of two people, is undoubtedly the most famous of these, two people are just outside the universe thousands of years or so, however, had already reached the limit state, became the heavens the universe has the strong,Standing in the forest of the mighty.However, although Yan Wushen is backed by the Yama clan, in a real sense, yan wushen belongs to the yan clan of the Yama clan, and with the resources of this clan, it is relatively difficult to cultivate a Yan Wushen as a whole.According to the chapter “Hurt by The Curse”, Zhang Ruochen guesses Yan Wushen based on the danger of Feng Tian going to chao Tianque: “Huang Tian, Blood jujube War God, Bai Qinger, Xuan Yi, Zhang Ruochen…It can be said that each background is bigger than the last. How could yan Wushen be cultivated with the resources and strength of the Five Qing Dynasties and the Yan clan of the Dark Pit?”Through this speculation combined with the previous plot can know, yan Wushen’s rise, perhaps the real reason is not because of the dark yan, but in Yan Wushen’s back should be another person.In terms of the time line, the Five Qing Emperors are only thousands of years ahead of Yan Wushan in the outer universe. In terms of realm, it is great that the Five Qing Emperors can be promoted in such a short period of time. As for Yan shi, the deep of darkness, he even joined the sword circle.The overall strength of the yama clan is not very strong (the real strength of the Yama clan should be the yan clan from the sky and the Yan clan from the Sky).So if this is true, who is behind Yan wushen’s growth?In this regard, the novel is a missing in the role of one hundred thousand years ago, the dark of yan’s elder brother yan, the last yama clan chief yan Huanyu.About yan: glory may still be alive, small is not at all surprised, as the most likely and heaven as science back to three hundred thousand years ago, one of two and a half, definitely not inferior Yu Haotian yan enough strength, and in the current this half face out, father not to save time, unless there is a boundless peak strong indestructible digital teamed up to yan a sniper worldwide,Otherwise, it would have been impossible to kill the powerful existence-see, for example, the five strong men who joined forces and all ended up exiled to the future, and in the process, he took one of them away.So assuming that Yan Huanyu is still alive, the possibility that he is secretly promoting the rise of Yan Wushen is undoubtedly very large.There is also another possibility, no god is yan yan: glory, or more direct point, no god is yan yan: glory of later generations body (or yan glory after possession of existence), because I already have a practice base, practice so that I can so smooth, yan no god also can only rely on the great god build for entering the TianJue,Thus, the transition from the real to the infinite is completed in the interior of the Celestial Que.To sum up, yan Wushen and the whole Yan clan are very mysterious, especially after the blood identity of the demon god was revealed, the whole Yan clan is the core of the focus, whether Yan Wushen can rise so quickly by himself or for other reasons?Until his secret is completely exposed, everything is worth dreaming about.Finally, is yan wushen’s rapid rise related to Yan Huanyu?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section, long press “like”, one key three even, thank you for your support.Novel chronicle original, declined to be reproduced without authorization!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.