Cicc: Holdings in the construction sector rose to their highest level since 2019 last quarter, favouring China construction and other stocks

2022-04-25 0 By

Cicc issued a report that the mainland public funds in the fourth quarter of last year has been basically disclosed, overall, public funds in the construction sector in the last quarter increased by 0.11 percentage points to 0.69 percent, the highest proportion of holdings since the first quarter of 2019;The overall low distribution of 1.26 percentage points, low distribution range decreased by 0.01 percentage points.The bank points out that it is optimistic about the leading state-owned enterprises in infrastructure construction, China Construction International H(3311.HK), Huayang International H(002949.sZ), Honglu Steel Structure (002541.sZ), Zhen ‘an Technology (300767.sZ), and suggested to pay attention to the construction of central enterprises in the market share of China construction.In the fourth quarter of last year, the construction industry accounted for 0.69 percent of active bias funds’ heavy holdings, up 0.11 percentage points from the third quarter of 2021.In the fourth quarter of last year, active partial share public offering funds as a whole were undermatched by the construction industry by 1.26 percentage points, and the undermatched range was reduced by 0.01 percentage points.In terms of the number of funds held by heavy positions, China State Construction Engineering (601668.SH), Power China Construction (601669.SH), Honglu Steel Structure (002541.SZ), China National Chemical (601117.SH), China Railway (601390.SH) are the top five targets in the number of heavy positions in the fourth quarter of last year.By the end of February, the ratio of the shares held by Shanghai and Shenzhen stock connect to the market value of the construction sector was 1.24%, an increase of 0.05 percentage points compared with the end of September. By January 28 this year, the ratio of shares held by the market value rose to 1.38%.At the end of December last year, the overall low allocation of Shanghai and Shenzhen shares through the construction industry was 1.10 percentage points, and the low allocation range slightly expanded by 0.04 percentage points at the end of September, which was continuously lower than the low allocation range of active partial share public offering funds.By the end of December, China State Construction Engineering, Power China, China Railway (601390.SH), Honglu Steel Structure (002541.SZ), and China Metallurgical (601618.SH) had the highest market capitalization of their shanghai-Shenzhen shares.In the fourth quarter, China State Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Honglu Steel Structure Co., LTD., Sichuan Road & Bridge Co., LTD. (600039.SH), Power China Construction Co., LTD., And China Energy Construction Co., LTD. (601868.