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The magic of Xinjiang is its size,Lies in the depth lies in the emotion in the storm and the length lies in the laughter in the golden horse and iron horse. When the Ruihu welcomes the spring and millions of grass leaves want to wake up under the snow, come with us for a few minutes to worship a cross-space Xinjiang New Year “Xinjiang in the National Treasure” the first episodeIs it delicious I know who I am mature wheat is rolling dumplings in the pot is a round of treasure phase pattern moon cakes are accompanied by business travelers through the long silk Road of the main dry food some things have changed, some have not changed but no matter when, what look I would like to ask you delicious?Xinjiang in the National Treasure Episode 2 The heart on the coin is more familiar than you and the touch of the hand For thousands of years in countless hands you have witnessed the joys and sorrows of the world if asked what you have witnessed the most?It must be the heart of xinjiang in the “national treasure” each episode 5-6 minutes from the collection of many rare and precious cultural relics in xinjiang to select the most representative novel fashion, by the expression of popular technology of auxiliary use the expression “record” to calm national treasure “opening” tells of a legendary show to the audience in the deep behind the history of cultural relics and fascinating story editor: will review:Zhang Linli supervision and Examination: Si Yuanxun © Xinjiang is a good place Xinjiang is a good place to wish you a happy New Year!Click “Watching” for more people to see this article