Generation empress Wu Zetian, abdicate less than a year on sudden death, what is this reason after all?

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Wu Zetian was a legendary woman who ended the Tang Dynasty and started the Zhou Dynasty. She was the only orthodox female emperor in Chinese history.Her ordinary birth made her suffer from unequal treatment and power became her pursuit goal.Wu Zetian is not active abdication, that night prince Li Xian together with prime Minister Zhang Jian and others directly arrived at the fairy palace set fairy palace, this is old Wu Zetian sick in the bed of living, although she knows what everyone intends to do this trip, but can not stop.Her heart is clear these people are to the palace, even if unwilling, but also can only allow, and in the second Hitachi since childhood some fear and respect her Li Xian as the son of heaven.Since then, Wu Zetian moved to shangyang Palace xianju palace to live, so exactly because of what, less than a year wu Zetian sudden death in xianju palace?01 Wu Zetian and Li’s father and son Wu Zetian family is extremely rich, it is a famous family, After Tang Taizong came to the Forbidden City, because heard that wu Zetian has grown a look is yili, temperament extraordinary beauty, call Wu Zetian into the palace, seal for five product talent, grant number “Wu Mei”.Wu Zetian’s status in the palace was at first only a small talent, did not rise, not because Li Shimin did not love her, but because Li Shimin was on guard against her, afraid to let the power of the ambitious Wu Zetian.After Li Shimin is seriously ill, thousands of prevention thousand prevention also failed to prevent son Li Zhi to Wu Zetian be tempted.After the death of Emperor Taizong, Wu Zetian was sent to the Ganye Temple, where she kept in touch with Li Zhi.When Li Zhi went to the Ganye Temple to burn incense on the anniversary of the death of the late emperor, he met empress Wu Zetian, who was still beautiful in the temple.Of 2 people give up, fall into disfavor king queen eye, king queen idea moves, thought of strike Xiao Shufei’s good idea, that is to take the initiative to bring Wu Zetian into Li Zhi’s palace, Li Zhi misses beauty already for a long time, then agree.Shortly after wu Zetian entered the palace, she gave birth to her son Li Hong.Her ingenuity made Li Zhi’s love for her undying.Wu Zetian is cruel and merciless, to frame opponent not hesitate to kill one’s own daughter with one’s own hands, will frame king empress with this.Li Zhi learned that failed to protect his daughter with beloved woman furious, Wu Zetian took the opportunity to pear with rain crying to Li Zhi told the queen’s shape.Queen Wang was speechless, Li Zhi will be more guilty and compassion to the loss of the daughter wu Zetian.The idea of abolishing the king and queen and making Wu Zetian queen was even germinated in Li Zhi’s mind.Wu Zetian knew how to seize the opportunity, she saw that Li Zhi wanted to abolish the king and queen, set herself as the queen to consolidate the imperial power, which is equivalent to his two people have a common purpose, common enemy, Wu Zetian immediately seized this great opportunity.When the first minister who supported Wu Zetian to become empress appeared and was highly rewarded by the emperor, more ministers joined in and succeeded.Wu Zetian will figure put extremely low, flatter Li Zhi, let Li Zhi is very be used, slowly Li Zhi trusts wu Zetian more and more, let her read the review and review first, to let her participate in court affairs later, replace the emperor gradually.Wu Zetian greatly strengthened her position by eradicating ministers who opposed her one by one.Soon after, Li Zhi suddenly fell seriously ill and could no longer manage the state affairs on a daily basis, so Wu Zetian used his trust to guide him to hand over power to her.But also because of this matter, make Li Zhi suspicious, the feelings of 2 people appear crack again, even Li Zhi once moved the idea after waste.Later, wu Zetian tried to prevent the two people together, called the two saints in court.That was the end of the matter.In the later period of Gaozong, Wu Zetian was in charge of most of the state affairs and achieved remarkable results. Upon the death of Li Zhi, Wu Zetian became the emperor and ruled the state affairs for several decades.During this period, she received mixed reviews.Wu Zetian was forced to hand over the throne to Li Xian.Li Xian saw Wu Zetian kill his own daughter when he was a child, which made him fear of Wu Zetian, has been to Wu Zetian incomparable respect.Every day she came to pay her respects to Wu Zetian, so Li Xian would not murder wu Zetian. What was the reason?It is Wu Zetian is old already tall when be forced palace, suffer from much ill, already be old body is infirm, plus the right that planned a lifetime to hand over a person at this point, returned the progeny hand of Li home again, call her how can be reconciled?How sad is the heart?Second, although Wu Zetian had an imperial throne, she could not pass it on to her descendants like other emperors.Although she has endless power, strong life, calculated life, hands countless lives, old age and found a few male pets, but she still can not change, her life will be the pursuit of little, then the law of succession, let her heartache is very helpless.3 it is indulgent male pet disorderly, there was a lot of male pet in succession after Wu Zetian ascends the throne, before long after Gao Zong dies, Wu Zetian looked for her first little male pet, wu Zetian dots but not conniving male pet at that time, because Feng Xiaobao is too capricious even, Wu Zetian orders a person to let him disappear on this world.After wu Zetian’s first male pet dies, Zhang Jia 2 brothers grasp opportunity, the new pet that becomes Wu Zetian successfully, Wu Zetian regards 2 brothers as the eye on imperial court and ear, cause 2 brothers to intervene in imperial government gradually, made a lot of bad business.Relations between Wu Zetian and her ministers were also strained.Then a large number of patriotic ministers could not allow two male pets to interfere in government, so they launched a coup and killed two brothers.Wu Zetian lost the people around her again, causing a certain blow to her.After that, there was no one by her side who could accompany her and tell her what was in her heart.As one of the most famous empress in history, Wu Zetian is really good at governing the country. During her reign, she did a lot of great achievements. She had a sharp eye for talent and was good at recognizing and cherishing talents.And rectify corrupt officials, strictly check the court officials, everywhere for the people, love the people like children.The disadvantage was that she respected Buddhism and built many temples at great expense.Moreover, she chose officials freely, which, though filled with great talents, increased the number of bureaucrats, greatly increasing the burden on the people’s shoulders.In his later years, his illegitimate life was chaotic, and he pampered the two brothers of his concubine, Zhang Jia, and indulged his two hands into the court, touching his two people should not touch the power.Hit by the death of people around her, she became seriously ill in her old age. Empress Wu Zetian died in xianju Palace at the age of 82.In this way, the political wise king came to a dismal end.