“I just want to be your sweetheart,” a primary school student’s “love letters” have gone viral with their straightforward yet romantic content

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With the different times, today’s students mature earlier, before are junior high school parents worried about students “puppy love”, now the parents of primary school students will, often with the teacher to understand the recent situation of students, convenient for the education of primary school students, very afraid of students have “little mind”.But after all, students in the parents side of the time is limited, for the students “little mind”, and will not be stopped in time, in the problem of education, there will be a lack of, so that primary school students write “love letter” phenomenon repeatedly appear, people see is also funny.Because it is really a model, not like primary school students can write things, primary school “love letter” popular, simple content, but very interesting, follow the author to enjoy it together.”Just want to be your valentine,” primary school “love letter”, content straightforward yet romantic describe elementary student’s words are many, naughty, pure, and so on, but in general, all is the others to evaluate pupil, his mouth will not come from primary school students, and the pupil is distinctive, not only is oneself, also used in the “love letter”.It can be seen that I am a simple primary school student written by primary school students, and the following sentence can also make people laugh and cry, “you long very OK”, if you do not know, still think it is the words of junior high school students, presumably the student learning should be good, composition ability should be very strong.Really have to admit that today’s primary school students are really very mature, “grow up to live in a big house”, the author listened to all very moved, but the students are not to learn first, the word should be replaced by pinyin, take what to buy a house?The teacher saw, but must stop.Still be only primary school student, be in the stage that accepts education, have such idea, besides study still is not very good, so later study, how should be good, suggest a teacher to want to get in touch with parents, use the educational way that home school combines, will dispel primary school student wrong idea.Primary school students in the “precocious” at the same time, IQ is also very high, the primary school is a very obvious example, “just want to be your sweetheart”, listen to the heartbeat, primary school “love letter” popular, straightforward and romantic, you can see that this is a love letter with questions and answers.When asked to be the bad guy?Elementary student’s answer was “just want to be your valentine,” pupils spoke his mind straight away, very straightforward, but there are very romantic, teachers may also be due to the primary school students to write good, do not criticize, but after watching: college students from kui not equal to, if he has the intelligence, not single, oneself even as primary school students, also is to accept education.After primary school, students will have contact with English, English is a foreign language, is the most headache for many pupils a subject, but for simple words, or sentences, pupils can still say catchy, and will be reasonable use of words.Look at the pupil know, you can see he wrote English words, neat, and the English teacher write about the same, but after the teacher found, or remind, Learn English?Call your parents, for the teacher’s practice, the author is in favor of, the students should be strict, be strict, make a mistake on the criticism.Pupils to write “love letter” is a very wrong behavior, the teacher must come up with their own attitude, don’t let students repeat one’s mistakes “teacher” is a great career, which is the most hard, believe that to become a teacher, is a deep love of education industry, so when students make mistakes, as a teacher, is a must to discipline and education, especially elementary school students.Primary school education stage of students, is the most likely to make mistakes, but generally speaking, are daily small mistakes, the teacher simple education a few words can, but students write “love letter” but a very wrong behavior, is not what small mistakes.So I think the teacher must come up with their most strict attitude, to educate pupils, through strict education, let students know that it is really wrong, if necessary, but also inform the parents of students, let parents carry out a certain education, do not let students wrong again and again.Might have said the teacher, the students today are not good, education students have no problem on your own, but sometimes, can have the opposite effect, students don’t listen to, will be back to Dui teacher, so when students make mistakes, the teacher will only for simple criticism education, and then do their job, teach students knowledge.In fact, the teacher is really bad, the phenomenon of rebellion among pupils also frequently appears, but the teacher should not give up the education of students, and the teacher as long as pay attention to their own way of education, find suitable education method for pupils, so that students can readily accept, but also to help students learn.As a teacher, what will you do when a student makes a mistake?If you want to know more exciting content, please follow Douya’s mother