Ji ‘an Toudao town organized to watch the “Anti-pornography and Illegal” in action documentary

2022-04-25 0 By

Mass base in order to further consolidate the “against pornography and illegal publications”, expanding “against pornography and illegal publications” social impact, education and guide the cadres and the masses conscientiously resist illegal behavior, and actively create a healthy social culture environment, head of ji ‘an town town cadre mass organizations actively watched by CCTV12 “frontline” broadcast “in action” against pornography and illegal publications “feature documentaries.The documentary was filmed and produced by the Social education Program Center of China Media Group with the support of the “anti-pornography and Anti-Illegal” departments in many places. In the form of case description, it vividly shows the essence of the work of “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” and gives full play to the warning and education function of case publicity.Through this activity, improved the majority of cadres and the masses of “pornographic and illegal” importance of understanding, further education and guide the majority of cadres and the masses consciously resist all kinds of cultural garbage, improve the “pornographic and illegal” consciousness and identification ability, for the creation of a healthy and good cultural environment laid a solid ideological foundation.(Yuan Changxin)