The Ministry of Education announced the list of undergraduate majors to be added and cancelled by regular institutions of higher learning in 2021

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● The Ministry of Education recently announced the registration and approval results of undergraduate majors in colleges and universities in 2021, adding 1,961 majors and canceling 804 majors, and listing 31 new majors into the Catalog of Undergraduate Majors of Colleges and Universities.Complete list of stamp links to view → Courier!The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced a list of undergraduate majors to be added and cancelled in 2021, with 804 of them being cancelled as follows:We will support colleges and universities to actively serve the needs of national strategy, regional economic and social development and industrial development, and set up majors that meet the orientation and characteristics of running schools.We will guide universities to make good use of the “catalysts” for interdisciplinary integration, promote the development of new engineering, medical, agricultural, and liberal arts disciplines, and create new disciplines that integrate arts, science, science, and medical engineering.In order to ensure the quality of specialty setting, the Ministry of Education requires that colleges and universities should meet the basic requirements of the National Standard for Undergraduate Specialty Teaching Quality in Ordinary Colleges and Universities.At the same time, the online evaluation process has been strengthened, and more than 4,300 experts have been organized to review the application materials of the major, and put forward opinions and suggestions on talent training programs, teaching staff and teaching conditions.According to the comments, colleges and universities should optimize talent training programs, strengthen the allocation of teachers, and improve teaching and practice conditions.After the declaration, publicity, audit and other procedures, the Ministry of Education to the various colleges and universities to apply for the record of the professional record, and according to the professional setting and teaching steering committee of colleges and universities evaluation results, determined the agreed to set up the national control of the distribution of the major and has not been included in the professional directory of the new major list.It is reported that since 2012, the Ministry of Education has focused on comprehensively improving talent training capacity and actively adapted to the changing needs of economic and social development. It has supported colleges and universities across the country to increase the number of undergraduate programs by 17,000, and cancelled or suspended nearly 10,000 programs, thus continuously improving the professional structure of higher education.The State Council client service number has been opened!Pay attention to it, there are new services, new features, it will be the first time to tell you!Tip: small program + service number with use, the effect is better!Come and pay attention!