The village “land bank” paid dividends

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the village committee of Lesan Village, Xuanhua Town, Gaotai County, the villagers are happy from ear to ear.On the same day, lesan village held a “land bank” bonus distribution ceremony, villagers according to the number of acres of land under their trust, each mu received 110 yuan bonus.”My family has a total of 11 mu 3 points of land entrusted to the ‘land Bank’, this time I received the ‘land Bank’ dividends 1134 yuan, land rent 4771 yuan, a total of nearly 6000 yuan, very good.”Villager Xu Guowu said that after the trusteeship of the land, he was completely free from farming and went out to work with an annual income of 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.As the name implies, the villagers deposit land instead of money in the “land bank”. The village collective deposits the scattered and idle land in the hands of farmers as “loose change” in the “land bank”, and then “loans” the whole to the main operators and farmers, from which the farmers share the profits.Last year, le suffering push in the area of the “one village one field as a” model “leading enterprises + land bank + farm households”, all the land after the approval and integration, in the “land bank”, effectively solve the “tian no one species, some field”, the contradiction of the reassure liberated from the land and Labour working let want to farm farmers first planted,It not only ensures proper concentration and large-scale operation of land to maximize land benefits, but also fundamentally protects farmers’ interests to achieve a “win-win” situation for all parties.”We trust 963 mu of land in the village, and according to the operation last year, we can pay dividends of nearly 100,000 yuan to 175 farmers every year.”Xu Tianlong, deputy director of lesan Village Committee in Xuanhua town, said, “Large households and enterprises that develop planting through the ‘land bank’ also pay land management service fees to the village collective every year, which further increases the economic income of the village collective.”At the ceremony, the villagers unanimously approved the proposal to establish a village Hyoseon Foundation.”Out of the bonus, we draw 10 yuan per mu of land to set up the Xiaoshan Foundation in our village. Every year on the Double Ninth Festival and The Spring Festival, we distribute the fund in the form of xiaoshan to the elderly over 60 years old in the village, forming a good atmosphere of caring for the elderly and showing filial piety to the elderly.”Xuanhua town le Village party branch secretary, village committee director Xu Sanjia said.New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Fan Hairui correspondent Duan Hai Lei Jingtao