Xiao Zhan sun tiger year first selfie, “chef Xiao Zhan” officially online, slap face too steal the spotlight

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During the Spring Festival, artists are also busy sending blessings, hoping that everyone can be happier in the New Year. Xiao Zhan has sent blessings to everyone in a variety of ways, not only the official blog posted a video of blessings, but also a number of brands have posted the latest materials of Xiao Zhan.In the past year, Xiao Zhan has cooperated with a lot of brands, and the brand side attaches great importance to Xiao Zhan. Now, Xiao Zhan has been the “lucky star” in the endorsement circle, which can not only guarantee the reputation, but also guarantee the sales volume. Therefore, many brands give Xiao Zhan full row.”Peter Pan” is also very important, after every official announcement fans will be the first time to promote, so also made a lot of contributions to the brand.The brand side is not only very good to Xiao Zhan, naturally, but also more and more understand what fans are looking forward to seeing, so many brands will often update the material of Xiao Zhan, and there are all kinds of interesting shooting tidbits, which can let everyone see the relaxed appearance of Xiao Zhan in work.This New Year’s greetings video also has a lot of creativity, different brands have different styles, see Xiao Zhan has a very lucky feeling.In such a special day, Xiao Zhan will naturally through his own way to interact with the “Peter Pan”, is also a way of work requirements.In the New Year, Xiao Zhan updated his first selfie. In the past year, xiao Zhan rarely took selfies, because of his busy work schedule, so his social media platforms were mostly related to work.Occasionally in some special days, Xiao Zhan will update the dynamic, most of them are to show their own hand-painted, every hand-painted has special meaning, and every time the “Peter Pan” people can also interact with Xiao Zhan, which is probably a way to go both ways.On such a special occasion as Spring Festival, Xiao zhannaturally interacts with his fans. This time, Xiao zhanposted two photos, one of a table of food and one of his own selfies.Xiao zhan posted the picture with the caption “Guess which dish I cooked” and wished everyone peace and happiness in the New Year. The table in the picture is really rich, and This time Xiao Zhan is the chef.Seeing a table of sumptuous dishes, which dish was made by Xiao Zhan?Fans in the comments section also have their own opinions, but those who know Xiao Zhan positively answered “it must be the hottest dish”.Xiao Zhan is very fond of spicy food, Xiao Zhan is from Chongqing, so he really loves spicy food, but in fact, today’s Xiao Zhan has a lot of convergence on spicy food.Before the end of a “Dream like a Dream” tour, Xiao Zhan tasted a lot of food in Changsha station, but basically nothing too spicy, the former “no spicy not huan” can not be realized.Xiao zhan has always been very strict with himself, so in order to manage his skin condition, xiao Zhan has rarely eaten chili peppers.For the state of Xiao Zhan when he just started his career, xiao Zhan actually has a great change, this time Xiao Zhan also posted a selfie, in the photo, Xiao Zhan’s face is really small, and his state is also very good, his eyes are shining.In recent years, Xiao Zhan has been very strict with himself. Whether he is in shape or posture, Xiao Zhan is in good condition, which is probably the reason that fans are willing to support him all the time. So is the spiciest dish made by Xiao Zhan?Waiting for him to reveal the secrets!