Xu Chao-sheng: We must fulfill our duties to ensure safety

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Xu Chao-sheng, 42 years old, is an instructor at Reason Shan Police Station, the public security Bureau of Jun County.Since to work, to serve the people heart and soul purpose in mind, to communist party member’s a consistently high standard strict with oneself, take root in a line at the grass-roots level, loyalty takes office, fulfill their duties, courageously renewed, be, adhere to the people’s police sacred duties, with a strong dedication and sense of responsibility, dedicated, has achieved outstanding performance.On January 5, 2022, a businessman surnamed Yan went to Subjective Hill police station and reported that he had bought a load of crushed corn worth 72,630 yuan online on December 25, 2021. When the driver brought the load, he found that it contained crushed corn mixed with most of the soil and corn bran.Yan contact the owner of the seller, the other phone shut down, wechat shield.Called, Xu Chaosheng found a discrepancy between the victim and the other contract goods is obvious, aware that this is a big loss for ordinary people, on the one hand, be careful to do the victim thought stability control work, try every way of thinking on the other hand, non-stop work, contact county bureau may be great, for technical support, through unremitting efforts,Preliminary suspect li mou mountain in shandong binzhou, then Xu Chaosheng again in the brigade, under the support of a drug ring regardless of the SARS epidemic, factors such as bad weather, the road slippery, led the police immediately, auxiliary police overnight in binzhou in shandong province, through careful investigation in shandong binzhou zhanhua area, finally locked the suspect li mou mountain residence,At 10:00 a.m. on January 6, Li was arrested in a house and brought back to Jun County overnight.After the interrogation, Li Moushan for more money, will be adulterated, adulterated broken corn as a net broken corn sold to the victim Yan Caifeng, its production, sales of fake and inferior products of the crime confessed, and returned to the victim loss of 72,630 yuan.At present, suspect Li Mou mountain has been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law.On the morning of January 10, 2022, the couple went to Reason Mountain police Station with excitement and handed the trophy to Xu Chaosheng. They expressed their deep gratitude for their quick success in solving this crime and saving their personal loss.Xu Chaosheng practice by the practical action in a people’s policeman clank oath, time does not forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission, the strict law enforcement, justice unavailability, stick to the bottom line, swayed by personal considerations, not self-serving, on ordinary post demonstrated its responsibility and bear, with their own exemplary behavior set a good image of the people’s police, successively won the individual class 1 time, won the award three times,Named as one of the ten outstanding youth of Junxian County.Editor: Ma Huixia