Cherish life, away from the devil in the stock market

2022-04-26 0 By

When the stock market leek in the media to see some stock experts to share, feel very reasonable, want to learn, experts will be private letter leek into the group to learn, and according to the row of special “beauty” assistant emotional contact.The assistant will lead Chinese chives students into expert video channel to study interaction, the pituitary, in the group’s collective leek students will follow to fry experts tentative analysis of the stock, because a small profit and have trust on expert slowly, then experts will be combined with the group put leek high to buy a stock, for high flange,Experts secretly high cash, so is the most simple pattern of killing pig dish.Another kind of stock market devil is through the “beauty” assistant persuasion, said the stock market volatility is small, can only do more, is also boring, recommended leek to volatility, can do more can also be short of the platform to make a lot of money.These assistants will let chives enter formal (or illegal) futures, foreign exchange, spot, agricultural products and other platforms for leverage speculation through long-term emotional temptation.As long as the brainwashed approach, only how much loss how much this one result.The lightest consequence is to be cheated by capital dish light investment capital, frustrated and return.The most tragic consequence is that some leeks are infatuated with futures speculation trading, the more unwilling, the deeper, always can not wake up as early as possible, leverage speculation is one thousand extreme smart people can grasp the money game.99% of leveraged speculators end up as losers with nothing to lose, not only wasting their time, but also ruining their future, or even their lives, because the news of leveraged futures failed and their families were destroyed is not rare.Anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses can lead to physical ill health, which can involve any part of the body and organs.The most common symptoms are pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and so on, mental illness is very important, do not ignore, all diseases come from the mind, a person’s heart is severely contused, it will drive your body to collapse.Some deep futures, spot and other leveraged speculative magic, will be deeply confused in them, until the loss of light out of positions.The more persistent, the more capable, the later the consciousness, the deeper the injury.