Hengyang “robbed people”!How to choose a first house?

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“If college students fail to start their own businesses, the government will compensate them for loans of less than 100,000 yuan.For 100,000 to 500,000 yuan, the government will compensate 80 percent.”News, the whole network sensation, when everyone in the envy of Zhejiang policy, Hengyang also had action.Recently, hengyang five departments jointly issued “notice about expanding the scope of the object of talent housing subsidies, subsidies clear object scope, will be within the scope of the” double top “full-time undergraduate course graduate, technicians and full-time college graduates and senior workers into the scope of housing subsidies, along with all the highest subsidies 1 million, housing subsidies, 100000 college students can also be brought.Young talent to balance, the first suite should be how to choose?Speed to see ~ words don’t say much about dry goods, according to the existing plate scarcity, the value of the house itself and other dimensions, we sorted out the current Hengyang market in each plate for young talent to balance, worth starting the first suite.In no particular order, start as soon as possible based on your budget and needs.01. The reason is very simple.One, Huaxin north core area is still hengyang’s political, economic, cultural center.Two, there is no land here.After years of development, there are few projects in the market at the top of the pyramid, and Yintai Hongcheng phase 6-9 can be said to be the only light in developing the nearly saturated Huaxinbei.It is close to Yintai City and zhengshui. What is more important is that zhurong Primary School is opposite the project, and there are also hengyang No.1 Middle School, Chuanshan Experimental Middle School, Xiangjiang River Bank Chenglong Chengzhang School, Zhelidu Primary School, Yinglian Royal Kindergarten, Ryan International Kindergarten and so on.Moreover, the project is now for sale with a floor area of 92-208 square meters of two rooms and four rooms, including the flat duplex, and a floor area of 55-93 square meters of fine makeup for your choice.02 Pinghu plate melting crown · Le Cheng melting crown project has been the existence of YYDS hengyang property market, especially le Cheng project.Even though the market was cold in the past two years, Rongguan Still sold more than 4,000 houses, because all rongguan owners know: good products and good locations can’t wait for people.Rongguan Music City project has always been the flagship zero-public share high gift, the price is not out of reach, the average price of the current project is only a little over 6K, plus the project high gift products, really sweet.03 Lujia New Area plate platinum era Lujia New Area, Hengyang is recognized as the rich area.There should be business, business, park and grade…As the Hengyang city government 30 billion real money hit out of the plate, all aspects of the supporting everything, choose to settle in the New Area, it is a choice.Platinum era by Hengyang Honghua real estate development Co., LTD. Development, by Hunan nuclear industry Construction Co., LTD., responsible for the construction, is located in steam south Road and Willow road interchange.The project has its own commercial complex of about 60,000 square meters, which is composed of 21A#(Platinum fashion Mini Mall), 22# (Platinum mansion), 23# (Quyuan Banquet Center) and boutique life supermarket. Now McDonald’s has entered 21A#, and Vienna International Hotel has entered 22#. There is no doubt about the convenience and prosperity of living here in the future.In 2022, The Tiger Mountain plate in Shigu District, Hengyang City, frequent action, there is no doubt that the Tiger mountain plate is currently playing a big chess.When it comes to tiger mountain plate, we have to mention the light of Huyuan Wanjiang North Chen, tiger Mountain plate new road network three, the light of north Chen exclusive three, such a supporting system, and who?The total construction area of the project is 360,000 square meters, consisting of 19 residential buildings.Two stairs and four pure board buildings with 100 meters of extra-wide floor space, the floor area ratio is as low as 2.9, the living comfort is bursting.The project has its own “Chen Tiandi Children’s amusement park”, with three central theme gardens, the sales department is a well-known network red card, whether the overall tone of the sales department, or the landscape, are very delicate and beautiful.Let you love to take pictures, beautiful turn circle of friends.5. Controlling lake plate admirably lake hunan courtyard city ZF key planning, maternal and child health hospital new hospital, normal college new campus relocation, boya park, controlling lake park and other good support, coupled with plate prices are very friendly, controlling lake plate does have the capital of fire.In a large number of projects, shortly into the city of Jinzhong Lake Hunan courtyard can be regarded as a leader, not to be missed.Kingzhong Lake Courtyard project is located in ling Lake Wanda square is opposite, is the national shou will be the hunan culture and lane culture combined with the new Chinese cultural community, residential hengyang first 5.8 meters of the entire residential overhead pan club, a ladder a design, elevator direct door, give private elevator hall.With a floor area of 105 square meters, three rooms and three carabinies facing south, seven meters of luxury and wide balcony, 3.5 meters of south facing master bedroom, four meters of large living room, the whole room is about 19 square meters free.Since oct landed in the rock drum, the official announced rolling investment 55 billion laiyan New city investment planning, Laiyan new City has been Niuhuru · Laiyan New City.Plate energy level is rising, but the new source of goods is pitiful, only the “only seedling” in the sale – Oct.Oct first phase of the original shore of the main high-end, what large flat floor, luxury villas make us ordinary people can not be that, the joy of the second phase is close to the people.Joy Is adjacent to 462 acres of happy coast commercial Street;It is close to the top education resources of Renmin Road · OCT Primary School (under construction) and Oct No. 8 Middle School (already registered);Songmei Lake Ecological and Cultural Park of 689 mu is surrounded by abundant natural resources and complete living facilities.The total gross floor area of the project is about 150,000 square meters, including about 3,300 square meters of commercial area and 99-143 square meters of overlook high-rise.Products for the north-south transparent pattern, planning luxury and broad double hall, master bedroom suite, wide screen view platform, north and south double balcony.In the young talent into balance can not miss the six plates, we can choose according to their actual needs, the life circle in the north can chonghua Xinbei, Long Lake plate, the life circle in the east, Ling lake project do not miss.Of course, the projects I can choose are far from those listed in my article, such as Rongguan · Aicheng and Chenglong Dacheng in The Changhu Plate;Shigu district government plate of pearl River · Emperor King Villa, Honghao Spring breeze ten miles, want to see foreign houses and want to see the house, Yanqi Lake plate yao Jiangxi Lake bay is worth considering, if you consider reading, huangbai road city eight plate yubi Huazuan is not to be missed.Recovery policy has arrived, and it is now “darkness before dawn” at best.Want to buy a house to live in friends, really don’t miss the gift of The Times just good.Please do not copy or reprint without permission.If you need to reprint, you can contact customer service personnel authorization;If there is plagiarism, live in Hengyang will complain to the end, until deleted!