By selling feelings of the top ten bad movies, this kind of “circle money” movies why in an endless stream?

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1. A Chinese Odyssey 3;50 cents special effects, awkward acting and lame memes.Zhenwei lau proved how much he needed Stephen Chow.The number of knockdowns of new IP shows that the golden age of Hong Kong film is gone forever.The first two stories are classic enough, making a third one destroys all the ideas of the first two 20 years ago, and is unnecessary.2. Max Payne 2018A typical example of the destruction of the classic, first of all, the actor is not good, no one line, the elder brother is not manly, ma brother was played by Wang Mainland into a fool, the younger brother is speechless.The film’s several shoot-outs are disarming, perhaps to distinguish itself from John Woo’s restraint and coolness, but that doesn’t quite blend in with a story like this.3. “East Cheng West 2011”;Accidentally watch this film, how can I say, all kinds of vulgar jokes, popular words piled up, the story is particularly tacky, watching very embarrassing, weak and vulgar.It’s such a boring movie with no sincerity, no plot, unclear characters and gender, and it’s just an outrageous movie.4. The Man from Macau iii;Actors actually like this kind of happy lines brainless easy to remember, and then have a part to show their handsome movie.I’m torn about this movie. It sucks, no doubt, but it’s also fun to watch because it’s totally mindless, fun to see how many people are in it, and a chance to relive old classics through bad stuff.5. After Us;Inside the most touching is the last MV, forced to piece together the story and the tear-jerking section let people heart no waves, only take the subway to leave that section touched, nothing more.Fans completely disregard the visual experience of the theater audience, we must give your love is buried with it.This kind of cliched love story is a bit tiresome.6. Monster Hunt 2.Even more awkward than the first movie. I can only say it sucks. What else can I say?Nearly two hours of time let me sit on pins and needles, some old terriers used repeatedly, some actors acting is really no problem, but another part of the popular flow of young students do not have that strength, acting awkward out of the air.In short, if there is a sequel, I hope to carefully consider the casting.7. Film version of Ten Miles of Peach Blossom;Dress the way not hot eyes, Yang Yang acting how this look really like a apprentice, the lines are also very embarrassing, Liu Yifei’s makeup is too plain show old, two people’s eyebrows are very ugly but the appearance level.Liu Yifei is really spoiled his appearance level, in this drama and Yang Yang cast noodles, that is too greasy.8. The New Oolong Courtyard laughing and Making Rivers and Lakes;This is exactly the same old hospital, just a different person, so it’s better to see the original.Xiao Hong’s end is a tragedy, but also memories of time.So this part is the highlight of the movie.The film is a bit too showy; it’s not as good as it should be.9. Tiny Times series;What can I say? The movie is actually pretty bad. The plot is stiff, the logic is flawed, the characters are contradictory, and the values are not mainstream.Tiny Times is definitely at the top of most people’s list.In fact, this is not a movie, it can only be guo Jingming in order to satisfy his heart of the world and planned a deception, luxurious, empty, no connotation.Movie version of Ipartment;I thought ipartment was going to have a happy ending, but it turned out like this.Nonsense.The model of The Tomb Raiders creates a fantastic linkage between different drama universes. The idea is great, but the plot is too long, and it fails to find what the movie wants to express. Is it just a movie that gets together and plays together for feelings?By selling feelings of the top ten bad movies, this kind of “circle money” movies why in an endless stream?