China’s stock market: aren’t bankers afraid of being robbed by others?unexpected

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Once a real opportunity arises, you can fully enter the market without any drag.An investor’s success or failure, big success or small success, is determined by character.But how can character be improved?It’s mind training.The state of mind, therefore, is only the primary stage of the mind.This kind of cultivation is not only the cultivation of morality, but also the cultivation of virtue, which is also the extension of social virtue.The stock market gives those who lack the financial foundation the opportunity to make a lot of money on a small amount.For those with high aspirations, the stock market is an economic blessing.However, this “experienced people get a lot of money, people with money get a lot of experience” place is full of danger, occasionally, although it is not difficult to get it, it is not easy to get it frequently, and living on this is a challenge to self and humanity.Success is small loss plus big profit, accumulated many times.Avoiding large losses is simple.Take survival as the first principle, and when this principle threatens to interfere, abandon all other principles.Keep trading simple, there are too many factors affecting the market.Who also do not know what factors will have an impact, follow the market’s wind and shadow that is to fry.Let oneself trade a bit simpler, undertake according to oneself means trade, this just is fry, this just is the life!Isn’t it true that the dealer is not afraid of being undercut by others?If there is already a banker in the dark to absorb cheap chips, and borrow the chips in the hand to suppress the stock price, want to get more cheap chips, at this time another banker is equally optimistic about this stock, also in the dark at the same time take chips.That would be awkward, as it would be easy for a bookmaker to spot another big chunk of money coming into play.In this case, they have to negotiate a deal: either one of them will quit the trade, or they will work together to raise the price and make profits.But since everyone knows that this ticket can make a lot of money who will be willing to quit, so it is often a joint effort to pull up, make money together!Some people may ask why the banker does not cooperate with retail investors to make money?Let’s just say people who think that are naive.Everybody wants to look, compare with banker, what advantage does individual investor have?Is it money or information?Or can individual investor compare with banker in respect of professional knowledge?Art of war: only by knowing yourself and knowing your opponent can you win every battle.Investors want to survive and develop in the stock market, must follow the zhuang, we want to follow the zhuang, must find out the details of the main force, the most important of course is the main position and cost.The rise and fall of share price, it is the distribution condition of this chip and the size that intervene capital amount to decide by certain degree: the capital amount that use is bigger, chip is more concentrated, trend is relatively stable, not easy to be controlled by market place.The main force is how to cheat retail chip?One of, put very small amount can pull changyang or seal daily limit.Phase of the main new market suction, after a period of time to collect, if the main force with very little money can easily pull out of the limit that shows that the main chip collection work has come to an end, with the ability to control the disk, you can control the disk as you like.Second, K line trend go its own way, ignore the market and out of the independent market.Some stocks, the market does not rise it, the market does not fall it.This situation usually shows that most of the chips have fallen into the main bag when the general trend down, floating to hit the plate, the main chip to hold up, sealed down space, in case cheap chips were robbed;The general trend upward or stable, there are hot money to grab the plate, but the main force for a variety of reasons at this time still do not want to launch the market, so there will be a fierce hit plate, sealed the rising space of the stock price, do not let the short-term hot money upset the speculation plan.Stock K – line form on the horizontal consolidation, or along the average small shock disk rise.Third, K line ups and downs, and time – sharing trend chart violent concussion, volume extremely atrophy.Main to the end of the collection, in order to wash off short-term profits, killing retail stock confidence, with a small number of chips to do the map.If a stock falls to the real bottom of the time, usually there will be some characteristics: a, the volume of extremely shrinking, the amount of land price of a stock in the down market, after the main distribution and pressure, the volume of a stock slowly shrinking, the stock price continues to fall to the real bottom;Retail investors almost lost interest in this stock, will not buy this kind of stock, and before the holding of the stock investors because of too many sets, no mind to look again, the main force is not necessary to hit, but will choose to quietly enter the warehouse;Right now the stock price will continue to fall, and the volume is also gradually contracted, until the amount of land, then the volume began to slowly and gently magnify;And the formation of price rise volume increase, price fall volume of benign situation, is the main low cover out of the bottom of the shock sign.Two, double bottom, head and shoulder bottom at the bottom of the form usually, when the stock bottom, will certainly show some morphological characteristics of the bottom;For example, we commonly u-shaped bottom, W bottom, or head and shoulder bottom, once this kind of bottom features, that the bottom is about to form, the late will rise.Trading experience you can be defeated by the market, but must not be eliminated by the market.We are in this market to make money, but this market is not an AUTOMATIC teller machine.To enter the stock market is to rob those who are ready to rob you.Stock speculation pay attention to the opportunity and skill, the opportunity is not every day, even if there is, not everyone can seize.To learn to analyze their own good grasp of the opportunity, with their strengths, attack the other’s weaknesses.Grab a vote when you can, watch and leave when you can’t.The success of stock investment depends not on how powerful and excellent your tools are, but whether you can use your trading tools well.The most effective strategy on the road to the dream of wealth is to focus and stick to a good trading system.There is incredible power in focus and persistence.When you do this, you can create miracles that you can’t believe yourself.For more exciting content, come to Golden Sister Finance