Gao Lei lei voice again: no crossover not football, please professionals dismissed!

2022-04-27 0 By

Gao Leilei said today that it is not surprising that The National football team lost to Vietnam, because China’s youth training has been behind countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar for 10 years. Then he continued to post, saying that we encourage cross-boundary, no cross-boundary not football, please professionals to dismiss.”Chinese football needs the ‘respect’ of world football!1: We have the most famous local football clubs!2: the haigeng base once killed ten, nine have been selected for the national team, the rest is also the National Olympic Games!3: The most football ‘experts’!4: Not from professional football, but youth training is more professional than professionals!””What an emotional football environment!Encourage cross boundary, no cross boundary not football!Professionals please dismiss!”