In a major swap, the lakers could grant Lillard’s wish, and James Westbrook would return to his prime

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Lillard has been shooting around for a while now, but it won’t be long before he returns.But some fans think Lillard might ask for a trade because the Blazers don’t have a chance to win a championship.To be honest, Lillard should feel that the trade the Blazers are making right now is a demotion to a team that, frankly speaking, is moving further away from the playoffs, let alone the championship.Lillard has many years left on his current Max contract and doesn’t need to worry about renewing it, but with the Blazers’ stance, is he willing to spend his prime in Portland?Lillard was reported to be looking for a new home on the West Coast if he left.After all, when James and Eyebrow recruited Lillard, lillard said he had dozens of family members to eat together regularly, so he wouldn’t move easily.In that sense, if Lilladwan has to switch teams, it’s better not to go far away from Portland, the West Coast, where other teams are too far away.If the Blazers are looking for a new home on the West Coast, the Lakers are the only team that can give Lillard what he wants, if you don’t believe me.Let’s start with the Kings. Do you think Lillard should go to the Kings?Just to sound good?Say you’re the king?I can’t imagine lillard leaving the Blazers for the Kings.As for the Warriors, do you think they need to add Lillard when they have Curry and Klay?The barrel effect, I don’t need to say more, the Warriors are already strong outside, weak inside, will not bring in Lillard, let the lineup further top-heavy, the end of the boring.And the Clippers, you said the clippers already made a deal with the Blazers, if they could get Lillard, you don’t think they would?In the end, only the Lakers could give Lillard what he wanted because they had the will to make a change, the roster to fit him and, more importantly, the assets to match him.FW has a 4-for-1 deal that I took a look at, and it’s a classic giants swap that not only fulfills Lillard’s wish, but also allows James, Westbrook, and Timberlake to return to peak form together.The specific plan is as follows: The Lakers get: Lillard;Blazers get: 2027 first-round pick tucker, Monk, Westbrook;After reading this plan, I call to understand, the Lakers give so much sincerity, the Blazers should be moved;Lillard and Westbrook are both 76ers in NBA history, but Lillard is young, so westbrook would need to add some assets from a game standpoint to pull off a deal.But from a trailblazer’s point of view, it made a lot of money. How do you say that?The Blazers aren’t a championship team right now, and the blazers’ owners are running the team as a business, so westbrook’s business value is much higher than Lillard’s.Westbrook has the MVP, Lillard doesn’t, Westbrook has the triple double king in history, Lillard has no name, Westbrook has tens of millions of social media followers, Lillard is not in the same league, Westbrook can drive media and Internet attention, Lillard is not of the same magnitude.Just because the Lakers themselves are not short of attention, coupled with the presence of The powerful influence of James, Westbrook’s hidden value is not reflected in the Lakers;However, westbrook can continue to dominate with Portland. He can play as he likes, get more triple-doubles, and return to top form is possible.Moreover, Westbrook’s contract is shorter than Lillard’s, giving the Blazers, who aren’t in a hurry to win a title, flexibility in the future.In addition, lillard’s arrival with the lakers will give James and Timberlake a lot of offensive space, allowing them to flow freely on offense and save energy on defense so they can return to peak form.The point is that Lillard can realize his dream of winning a championship with the Lakers, as Vogel said, when you have Lebron and Eyebrows on your team, you have a chance.Vogel is basically right, but I’d like to patch it and add this: When Westbrook is on the same team as Lebron James and Timberlake this season, it’s different.To sum up, Lillard’s wish can be satisfied by the Lakers, blazers owner’s wish to make more money can be satisfied by Westbrook, the Lakers’ desire to win a championship, Lillard can come to work with James, Eyebrow together to achieve;Such a win-win solution, I hope the Lakers and the Blazers as soon as possible to discuss, do not let other teams found, do what damage.If you have any feelings about lillard’s trade proposal with the Lakers, just leave a comment.The above is all the content of this issue, please like, don’t like, please spray!