“Mrs. Pei abused her husband again” had just been dumped by her boyfriend, the president came to her and insisted that she be his wife

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: “Mrs Pei is abused husband again” has just been dumped by her boyfriend, President of knock, make her wife first book: “Mrs Pei is abused husband again” main content: “Mrs Pei is abused husband again” has just been dumped by her boyfriend, President of knock, make her wife highlights: “gu gu’s engagement fiancee with me, I want you to respect the gu gu.This time, I’m not playing.”Ye Qingyu put away his smile, facing these people, he spoke very seriously.Wen Gu gu doubt, sidelong look at Ye Qingyu.Have to admit, although ye Qingyu is not as long as Pei Jin, but also a solid big handsome boy, especially smile, bright let a person feel up.But Wen Gu gu also know, Ye Qingyu this face but he cheated the girl’s heart, just so seriously to maintain their own, who knows whether he played a trick.What’s more, she will not forget, Ye Qingyu mother to his drugged things, although she does not know the reason, but there is a point can be sure, she married in the past certainly not good days.”Well, Ye Shao is serious!”People sigh, obviously do not believe that Ye Qingyu will be serious to a woman.Ye Qingyu did not say much, but dragged Wen Gu gu to the side.Just at this point, gentle music sounded slowly, pairs of handsome male and beautiful female with into the dance floor.Ye Qingyu looked at Wen Gu gently. “Gu Gu, can you dance?”(Click below to read online for free) The second book: Highlights of Cold Wife and Young Husband: Is this the girl of Gu Stall’s family?This this this, I can’t even recognize ah!Excited began to report, “he gu sister-in-law, don’t hurry out, your two girl came back!”In the room, the paralyzed Wang is busy peeling potatoes.I heard the noise outside earlier, and I’m getting annoyed.What are these scoundrels doing in front of her door!Now, hearing the words, I was startled and angry.What’s the plague doing back here?You didn’t sneak out of your teeth, did you?Don’t drag her down!It is not strange that Wang does not have a mother’s love, her mother’s love is just a matter of ignoring the sound.Gu Yin’s father Gu Paralytic was not paralytic originally, but gu Zhizhang was a scholar.He was a decent man from a long distance.He taught at the town school and became married to the daughter of another teacher there.He was gentle and well – looking.A year later, his wife Lin gave birth to a daughter, Gu Yin.Although gu Zhizhang is a scholar, but not pedantic, the two husband and wife have no son preference thought.(click below online free reading) the third: “Jun little pet wife: pit husband 100 days” highlights: “Luo Baichen, you quickly tell everyone that the child is really you and Jun Maple?”And everyone said not very happy, He Ling yi pulled Luo Baichen, face with a great prick, no hiding irony.”Heard that you and Jun Maple talked about love, and then gave birth to a child, and then Jun Maple ran, to marry miss Su home, you take the child to the door to make, right?””Wrong wrong, jun Maple which have so weak, must be between them a big fight what broke up, and then luo Baichen found himself pregnant jun Maple children, and then with children to tangle rotten dozen, must be so.”Next to the discussion burst into a luo Baichen is very headache.Enough is enough!She could not bear a word.The key is this time, He Lingyi also do not know convergence took the hand of Luo Baichen has been asking luo Baichen luo Baichen echo their words.Staring at he Lingyi handsome face, Luo Baichen see more disgust, on the spot stood up.”Hollingi, you’ve had enough!”Why, just a joke, Luo Baichen you can’t even a joke can’t accept it.”(Click below to read online for free) “Mrs. Pei is abusing her husband again” was just dumped by her boyfriend, the president came to her, insisted that she be his wife.Xiaobian will discuss with you about good novels and wonderful story lines!