Paralympic Spirit passed on from generation to generation

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New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Fan Hairui “Two Olympics, equally wonderful”.The paralympic values of “courage, determination, inspiration and equality” are vividly illustrated by the moving images of paralympic athletes striving for their dreams and striving for greatness.The Paralympic Winter Games not only raised the level of organizing the games to a new stage, but also left a rich Olympic legacy and injected strong impetus into the development of paralympic sports in the host city Of Beijing, Zhangjiakou and even the whole country.The Beijing Paralympic Winter Games have closed in the Bird’s Nest stadium.Photo by Xinhua News Agency.In terms of venue construction, the Beijing Winter Paralympics will use five competition venues and 23 non-competition venues, all of which are used for the Winter Olympics, said Zhang Jiandong, executive vice president of boCOG.The planning, design and construction of these venues have also taken into account the needs of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Especially for the venues that will continue to be used for the Winter Paralympics, more attention has been paid to the construction of barrier-free environment, and the barrier-free level of the whole city has been greatly improved.”An international sporting event like the Olympic Games is arguably the only event that allows the world to move forward together in peace, unity and without discrimination.The Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will continue to inspire and inspire younger generations and people with disabilities to become active and participate in ice sports.”Badama Liswadakong, vice president of the Thai Olympic Committee and an IOC member, said.The Chinese wheelchair curling team won the gold medal at the Ice Cube.The Beijing Paralympic Winter Games have left a rich legacy, which will strongly promote the development of the cause of the disabled and the development of ice and snow sports for the disabled in the future.Beijing and Zhangjiakou have respectively issued action plans and improvement plans to further improve the barrier-free environment in host cities from the aspects of urban roads, public transport, public services and information exchange.To create a barrier-free environment, 81 percent of entrances and exits, 56 percent of service counters and 38 percent of toilets in the village (community) comprehensive service facilities across the country have been built and upgraded for accessibility, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of infrastructure improvements made in the three competition areas during the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, benefiting 85 million disabled people in China.Winter paralympic games at the same time, Beijing also vigorously promote the inclusive society construction, make the whole society more respect, care and help the disabled, the disabled persons’ legitimate rights and interests safeguard, living conditions improve, improve living standards and social ethos of assistive formation has been a huge success, the stability of the employment for disabled persons and constantly improve the quality, and improving social welfare system for the disabled.Paralympic ice hockey venue national Stadium.New Gansu · Daily Gansu network reporter Li Jing on the use of venues after the game, Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee spokesperson Yan Jiarong said, has established good relations and cooperation with the World Curling Federation, the International Bobsleigh federation and other world federations, the future will actively bid to host the World Cup and other world-class events.Zhangjiakou and Yanqing competition areas will rely on snow venues to create a full season of snow and ice entertainment centers, mountain resorts and summer resorts.Shougang Park will accompany Beijing residents after the games as the Beijing Winter Olympic Park.In order to meet the demand of mass ice and snow sports, the National Speed Skating Hall can accommodate 2000 people on ice at the same time. The National Snowmobile and Sled Center has specially set aside a mass experience departure area, a national biathlon center, and a skiing training and ice and snow experience base suitable for teenagers.”The Paralympic Winter Games are a short-term event, and the promotion of inclusive society is a long-term event. A successful Paralympic Winter Games is not the end, but the starting point of a new journey. We will continue to work to create a more open and integrated world for people with disabilities to enjoy a better life.”Said Liu Xinghua, director of the Heritage administration department of the Overall planning department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Paralympic cross-country skiing gold medal moment.New Gansu · Daily Gansu net reporter Li Jing statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: