Visit Zhang Jingxuan’s 300 square meter mansion, the decoration is very tasteful, the furniture is all British

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Singer Zhang Jingxuan is a big boy with high taste. He is also known as a little fairy boy.Zhang Jingxuan is more good at collecting in life. The interior of the century-old mansion is luxurious and artistic, and the most attractive thing is the English furniture and antiques that fill the room.Seeing Zhang Jingxuan’s mansion for the first time, it’s like seeing the mansion in the TV series, glowing everywhere, even the back garden is extremely chic.This is a person of extraordinary powers cursive appearance, Zhang Jingxuan is in Hong Kong the home area is as high as 300 square meters, the whole decorates a design white to give priority to, pure and fresh quietly elegant, all round green plant surround, looking also is fairy air is floating.The doors and Windows are also beautifully designed in outline, making the whole space look more refreshing and pleasant, full of European sense and elegant and modern.The interior is a real eye-opener, with white walls and dark brown drapes that look so advanced.The interior is compact and decorated with fine paintings on the walls. The furnishings are of a very classical style, mainly dark brown solid wood.The roof is also decorated with golden crystal lights, which emit starlight and make the whole house more warm.The corridors are wide and clean, with a white roof that is more defined and elegant in the light of candles.The panoramic French Windows of the corridor also look more chic, and the dark and heavy curtains can embellish a luxurious atmosphere. There are brown leisure chairs in the corridor, which are too eye-catching with the red lazy pillow.The luxurious interior decoration makes people shine at the moment, and the whole still exudes an antique flavor.The interior walls have been decorated in beige, which makes everything more spatial in the soft light, and the deer head decoration on the walls also looks artistic.One side of the table is also placed on the exquisite candlestick, the life atmosphere is very rich, but also the romantic atmosphere is very in place.The chandeliers glow and the space looks like something out of a TV show.The most attractive part is Zhang’s back garden, which is full of freshness and nature.The walls are grey retro stone brick design, paired with red-brown floor tiles to enhance the aura.There are beautiful potted plants all around the walls, it’s green, it’s beautiful with flowers, and there’s a fruit tree, it’s just so life.The courtyard space is spacious, which is also a game space for Zhang Jingxuan and small pets!This is the recreational area of a person of extraordinary powers, the wall body of rice white and pure white door frame collocation appear to have administrative levels feeling more.The whole space is filled with fresh breath, the side of the room is also placed with a strong retro casual chair, and embroidered pillow is also more artistic.The reception table on the other side of the wall is also a luxury item, and its value is demonstrated by its exquisite carving.Beautiful flower arrangements are also placed in the corners, creating a small and fresh feeling, but also to add aura to the house.This is the kitchen, u-shaped kitchen design is full of stable breath, a row of neat white storage cabinets under the marble countertop, home feeling is full, clean and practical.The ceramic tile that contains decorative pattern foars the artistic feeling that whole wall explodes, with white ambry collocation again appropriate did not pass.A neat condole ark also is sending out thick life breath, glass is smooth open the door more fully, take to put thing convenient save worry.The space above condole ark also can receive a thing, such maximization used a space.The light of the kitchen shows dim slightly, built a warm feeling instead.In life, Zhang Jingxuan also likes cooking, which is too warm.