Jinan bridge starts construction, metro Line 7 across the Yellow River is too far?

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 16, jinan concentrated on the construction of traffic projects in the first quarter of 2022, among which the expansion project of Jinan G104 Jinglan Line Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge attracted much attention.It is attracting attention not only because it will provide jinan with a new cross-Yellow River corridor, but also because Jinan’s first cross-Yellow River rail transit line, Line 7, will cross the river.The Yellow River crossing channel has been advanced, jinan subway will cross the Yellow River one step closer.Photography | guo-qiang fan understands, arashi G104 Beijing line of jinan Yellow River highway bridge expansion project starting point is located in licheng district road and erhuanxi dhi China east road jiaokou south, the finish is located in QiBu District, is expected to open to traffic in 2024.The project is to build a multi-layer rail bridge, with eight lanes of two-way highway on the upper level and a double-track rail transit on the lower level. The rail transit Line 7 will also cross the Yellow River through this passage.It is learned that Line 7 is one of the second-phase planning lines of Jinan rail transit and the only subway line that crosses the Yellow River among the jinan rail transit lines approved by The State Council.The line starts from Fenghuang South Road station, and finally reaches Jibei Station. The G104 Beijing-Lan Line Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge extension project, which started on 16th, crosses the Yellow River. It is a north-south backbone line that runs through the main urban area and connects the lianhua Mountain area, CBD core area, starting area and other key regional lines.The total length is 30.0 km, including 25.2 km underground line and 5.2 km overhead line. The estimated investment is about 24.022 billion yuan, and the construction period of the project is 6 years.6 type A cars are used, with A maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.The crossing is under construction. When will line 7 start?Jinan Rail Transit Group learned that the first phase of Line 7 is accelerating the project approval and approval, and will ensure the start of construction this year.Source: Love Jinan news client