King tiger limited skin sales ranking, Yang Yu ring heart song fifth, small Lubanrui flame ranking stable

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# King of Glory # Guide language: the long march is always feeling, you little friends in the upper right corner of the attention line.Speaking of king of glory this game, that is a household name, can be called the national mobile tour.King of glory hot, also let the day of the United States to earn pot full pot full.As we all know, every Spring Festival is a time for tianmei to make great achievements, and all kinds of high-quality skin emerge in an endless stream.This is not tiger year limited skin sales ranking out, Yang Yuhuan heart song fifth, small Luban Rui yan ranking is not unexpected.Fifth, Yang Yuhuan heart song.In king of Glory, the status of the master is still very high, many masters are very popular, but Yang Yuhuan a little alternative, her heat is basically concentrated in the high-end bureau, the low-end bureau basically nobody to play.Yang yuhuan’s skills are good, with health regeneration, control and immunity and damage, but her team battle is a bit weak.Yang Yuhuan’s heart song, white hair or very feeling, is the hero too cold, plus Yang Yuhuan met apsaras, so sales are not too high.Fourth, Sun Bin spread his wings.In king of Glory, auxiliary status is the lowest, but it is indispensable.Auxiliary players heart is very bitter, because auxiliary eating is grass, milk is milk, need to let the economy, explore the field of vision, open group, bear injury, in short, is dirty work is auxiliary dry.Sun Bin is the king of glory in the more special auxiliary, she is not like other auxiliary group ability strong, her pulling ability is unique.However, the heat of Sun bin as a whole is not high, Sun bin exhibition wing quality is good, the red wings are very attractive, but sales are general.Third, Pei caught the tiger with red fist.If there’s one place in Honor of Kings that’s easy to beat, it’s assassin.King of glory online almost 6 years, play wild also experienced several generations, pei catch tiger as a second generation play wild, the current heat is not too good.Pei capture tiger is king of glory in rare double form hero, early invasion of the wild area is very strong.But now the wild area, basically ruled by LAN Mirror cloud tassel.Pei jiaohu red boxing, feel and special effects in the rules, but because of the pei jiaohu heat and pei Jiaohu Bruce Lee skin influence sales are so-so.Second, lian Po royal shield.There are a lot of heroes in king of Glory because they are too unpopular and redo, such as Bai Qi, Lian Po, Meng Qi, Yi Xing, Athena and so on, lian Po redo is the most successful.Lian Po used to be Iron Han, now Lian Po, not only controls a lot, but also very powerful.Lian Po no matter on the line of suppression ability, or the ability to open the group are very strong.The royal shield, the tiger mask is still very good, and the special effects and feel are very good.Hero heat is high, skin quality is good, lian Po royal shield sales are high.First, Luban No.7 Ruiyan.King of glory shooter heat is very high, Gongsun, Sun Shangxiang, Marco Polo, Small Lu Ban, Hou Yi, Jia Luo, Yu Ji and so on have a big wave of players, especially small Lu Ban, king of glory is the most popular shooter.Lu Ban no. 7, can be said to be the son of the Beauty of heaven, a lot of skin.Rui Yan of Lu Ban no. 7, his special effects are really not blown, it is the most careful in this year of the Tiger limit.Luban No. 7 heat invincible, skin quality invincible, is the year of the Tiger limit worthy of the sales king.Which do you think is the year of the Tiger with the highest quality skin?Did you get it?Leave a comment in the comments section, click follow, and we’ll see you next time!