On March 14, Mucheon imposed temporary traffic control

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About WuChuan County transportation temporary control of the notice March 13, according to the first round of WuChuan County area nucleic acid detection results, combining with the current epidemic situation, in order to ensure WuChuan County people’s life safety and body health, firmly hold the disease “no input, non-proliferation, no spillover” the bottom line, effectively control and reduce the new epidemic spread risk,It has decided to implement temporary control over traffic in Wuchuan County, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. Control period The control will be implemented from March 14, 2022, and the time of lifting the control will be further notified.From now on, the county’s townships, streets, community administrative areas within the scope of traffic control, strictly prohibit irrelevant social vehicles, personnel and other access, specific measures are as follows:All main roads and rural roads under the jurisdiction of Wuchuan County.2. All municipal road sections in the city.3. Wuzheng Expressway and Wude Expressway.(2) Control points: 1. Sections under control in suburbs: Section of Xiaoxi Intersection of 204 Provincial Road, section of Mujia Tunnel intersection of 204 Provincial Road, Section of Lianhuashan intersection of 204 Provincial Road, section of Doping Luoxi intersection of 346 County Road, Section of Longtan Intersection of 346 County Road, and section of Pole Factory intersection of Gaoqiao Avenue.2. Expressway control points: Mucheon Toll Station, Mucheon South Toll Station, Fuyang Toll Station, Fung Lok Toll Station.3. Intercounty Traffic control points:For sichuan Zhuo water bordering chongqing peng bayonet, for sichuan Zhuo sambar pool bordering chongqing peng bayonet, chuan MAO day and border tongren along the bayonet and services with chongqing peng chuan MAO day Huang Jiaba border bayonet, high service chuan mud with borders that include the word true bayonet, for sichuan fucheng ocean borders are Ann bayonet, for sichuan yellow border with bayonet, for sichuan border abundance joy with bayonet, service chuan feng le and border DE jiang bayonet, wuchuan Shi Chao and tongren De River junction bayonet, Wuchuan red silk and Tongren de River junction bayonet.(3) Except for the staff who undertake epidemic prevention tasks, the rest of the comrades in the organs and public institutions at all levels of the county shall obey the orders, and those who do not obey the orders shall work at home or become community volunteers on the spot, report to the communities where they live, and fully participate in the epidemic prevention work and community services.(4) Except for the public service enterprises such as water, electricity, fuel oil, gas, communication, sanitation, food, oil, meat and vegetable supply that guarantee the life of citizens and the basic operation of the city, all enterprises shall temporarily work at home.(5) Except for supermarkets (including farmers’ markets), pharmacies, medical institutions and catering enterprises (which only provide express delivery services) that guarantee the basic needs of citizens, other business places and stores will be temporarily closed.(6) In addition to ensuring urban traffic, cross-county bus lines, buses, taxis and online taxi services will be temporarily suspended.(1) The public security, armed police, medical, emergency, communications, emergency rescue, sanitation and other special vehicles carrying out work tasks shall pass through normally.(2) The transport vehicles carrying medical, daily and emergency supplies shall be registered and released if the drivers and passengers find no abnormality after temperature measurement and code scanning.At present, wuchuan county has sufficient reserves of all kinds of materials for people’s livelihood, which can meet the normal needs of all citizens. The county government will do its best to ensure material security and maintain price stability. Please make reasonable arrangements for home life security.County each township, the street, the community has established the special service guarantee team, will promptly respond to each citizen’s demand.Prevention and control of the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility. For the health and safety of you and your family, please actively support and cooperate with the prevention and control work. Please understand the inconvenience caused to your work and life during the control period.Those who violate the temporary control measures will be dealt with according to law.Follow-up control measures will be adjusted in a timely manner depending on the situation of epidemic prevention and control. Please pay close attention to it.Let us work together to build a strong defense against the epidemic and protect our healthy homeland!Thank you for your support and understanding.Follow the precepts, fight the epidemic with one heart, wuchuan will win!Wuchuan Autonomous County Epidemic Prevention and Control Site Disposal Headquarters March 14, 2022 Source: Published by Wuchuan First Instance: Zhang Jiayu second instance: Guo Juan Third instance: Shi Shaogen Final instance: Liu Chang Typeset: Yang Ying