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On February 16, the provincial Procurator-general conference just ended, yanbian Procuratorate immediately organized a seminar to study the spirit of the provincial Procurator-general conference, focusing on studying and discussing the spirit of the provincial Procurator-general conference, and studying and implementing specific measures.The meeting was presided over by Cao Bao, secretary of the CPC Leading Group and procurator-general, and attended by members of the leading group of the Academy and heads of various departments.Meeting, each department ent of Yin yi jun, head of the inspector general “to move the procuratorial advance pushed the province carry mass in procuratorial work, increase the speech of the profound comprehension, combining with the study and implement general secretary xi important instructions for the work of political science and law, the full implementation of the central and provincial party committee of political science and law work conference spirit, and the attorney general meeting report in 2022 annual work plans;Members of the leading group carried out on-site comments on their work, and conducted in-depth discussions around how to implement the spirit of the provincial chief procurator conference.Cao Bao pointed out that three “fives” were used in Yin Yijun’s speech on promoting the quality and Efficiency of procuratorial Work in The province by active Procuratorial Work.Five active procuratorial understanding, five “we want”, from the overall situation, handling cases, ideas, elements and management of the five aspects of a comprehensive arrangement and deployment of the year’s work tasks, the principles, ideas, objectives, measures said in detail, for us to point out the direction, provide a follow, next we will seriously comply with the implementation.Cao Emphasized that in 2022, Yanbian procuratorial organs should earnestly implement the spirit of the provincial procurator-general meeting and Yin Yijun’s speech, focusing on five aspects: First, to adhere to the word stability, earnestly fulfill the major responsibility of safeguarding national security, social stability and people’s peace.Resolutely safeguard national political security;Resolutely maintain overall social stability;Properly resolve social conflicts and disputes;Further implement the criminal justice policy of “fewer arrests, careful prosecution and careful remand”;Apply the system of leniency for admission of guilt.Second, we will fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new concept of development, and flexibly perform our duties in accordance with the law to better serve the overall interests of the people and administer justice to the people.Strengthen the concept of “organic unity of the three effects”;Continue to improve the law-based business environment;We will ensure that procuratorial work works for the people.We will actively contribute to rural revitalization.Third, we made good use of the “Year of Quality Improvement” to comprehensively improve the quality and effectiveness of legal supervision.Correctly handle the relationship between dare to supervise and good at supervising;Comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of handling cases;We will actively expand new areas of supervision.Fourth, we will consolidate and deepen the achievements of education rectification and strive to build a strong procuratorial team.Comprehensively strengthen ideological and political construction;Continuously improve the level of business capability;We will continue to strengthen discipline and work style.Fifth, build a solid foundation for development and promote the long-term development of yanbian procuratorial cause.Continue to strengthen community-level development;Highlight procuratorial culture guidance;We will pay more attention to strengthening scientific and technological inspection.