Yu Wenxue in Shijiazhuang city gas industry management and urban public parking facilities construction work

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On Jan. 25, the provincial housing and construction department of party secretary, director of the literature to xinao gas production research and development center of shijiazhuang, shijiazhuang xinao gas southeast of LNG emergency stockpile station and RenTang machinery intelligent parking garage, underground fieldwork gas industry management and urban public parking facilities construction, stressed that relevant departments, enterprises to compaction,Strengthen the urban gas safety investigation and rectification, to ensure the safety of gas operation;Excavate the available land, underground space and other resources, plan and construct urban public parking facilities scientifically.In Shijiazhuang XINao Gas Production research and development Center, Yu Wenxue had a detailed understanding of the company’s daily gas source coordination and emergency command, production and operation analysis, accident emergency command and other situations, and gave affirmation to the company’s investigation and solution of third-party construction of gas pipeline.In shijiazhuang XINao Gas Southeast LNG emergency reserve station, Yu Wenxue carefully inquired about gas source reserves, safety precautions, emergency plan construction and other situations, and put on protective clothing to check the operation of LNG storage tanks and supporting facilities on site.Yu Wenxue pointed out that it is necessary to effectively consolidate the supervision responsibility of the gas competent departments and the main responsibility of the gas enterprises, adhere to the simultaneous implementation of urban and rural areas, carry out solid gas safety investigation and rectification, and reform the old gas supply pipe network with extended service;In particular, we should strengthen the gas safety investigation during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics to ensure the safety of gas operation.Efforts should be made to strengthen the application of technical measures, improve the screening and detection of potential safety hazards, and effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents.In the lerentang underground mechanical intelligent parking garage located at the intersection of Zhai Ying Street and Heping Road in Shijiazhuang city, the author felt the process of intelligent car storage and picking up, and understood the investment, operation and intelligent parking principle of the parking garage in detail.He stressed, to make full use of parks, green space, square and other underground space resources, scientific planning and construction of urban public parking facilities, alleviate “parking difficulties”;Give full play to the advantages of small land area and high land utilization rate, vigorously promote the construction of mechanical three-dimensional parking facilities, apply intelligent parking technology, promote and improve the efficiency of parking management and supervision.(Guo Xiaoli) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn