Brain Pilot series producer: Didn’t want his game to be filmed

2022-04-29 0 By

Brain-navigator was named Game of the Year at the 11th Annual New York Game Awards yesterday, while Tim Schafer, the creator of the brain-Navigator series, won the Legendary Producer award.Speaking to IGN after his win, he said he didn’t want his game to be adapted into a TV series or movie.In an interview, Tim Schafer said that while Hollywood often asks him to turn his games into movies or TV shows, he feels that doing so is just a distraction, saying, “I think games are what I really care about, what I like to do, what I think is fun.”Tim Schafer agrees that the Brain Pilot series is a good fit for filmmaking, but says that “games are cooler than movies and TV, so Brain Pilot is in its best form.”Schafer also revealed that another of his games, Full Throttle, was almost made into a movie.Duncan Jones, the director of the Warcraft adaptation, has written a full script for the film.Tim Schafer read the script and was impressed: “You could tell he really played the game and knew what it was all about.”Even so, Schafer turned down the offer.