Gas prices are going up tonight

2022-04-29 0 By

According to the reporter, there will be 25 rounds of price adjustment for domestic refined oil products in 2021, including 15 increases, 6 reductions and 4 delays. Gasoline prices have been raised by 1485 yuan/ton and diesel prices by 1430 yuan/ton in total.Liu Bingjuan, an oil product analyst at Lonzhong Information, said that as of January 13, the comprehensive change rate of crude oil was 6.78%, and the corresponding increase rate is expected to be 325 yuan per ton.At present, it is the ninth working day of the price adjustment cycle.This round of price adjustment is the first of the New Year. After this adjustment, the pattern of price adjustment in 2022 will be “no rise, no fall, no deadlock”.From the perspective of wholesale, international oil prices continue to climb, raw material costs support solid, and with the Spring Festival approaching, gasoline demand is expected to be better;At the same time, the diesel market also follow the market, moderate with the rise, resulting in China’s gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise in diesel.In terms of retail sales, wholesale prices rose significantly in this cycle, the difference between wholesale and zero prices narrowed significantly, and the preferential intensity is still there.Retail prices are expected to rise this time, equivalent to about 0.25-0.28 yuan per liter.With a 50L tank, it will cost about 14 yuan more to fill up the tank, and drivers can go ahead and fill up the tank.