Hidetaka Miyazaki shares his favorite soul BOSS: The Old Man in Yellow from Evil Souls

2022-04-29 0 By

With just 20 days to go before The release of Elden Circle, playstation has invited FromSoftware studios, Santa Monica Studios, Insomnia, Naughty Dog and more to talk about their favorite bosses in FromSoftware’s games.FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki also shared his favorite soul BOSS, and his answer is The Old Man in Yellow from Demon’s Souls.”If we had to talk about one BOSS I’m most proud of, it would probably be the Old Man in Yellow in Demon’s Souls,” he explains.He was chosen because at the time of development there was a lot of opposition to the BOSS’s design and the way the game was played.But bosses like that are something I really, really want to do.I wanted to introduce this BOSS concept into games, both from a visual design point of view and a gameplay point of view, including multiplayer elements.In terms of implementation and the fun factor, we got a lot of pushback, and no one believed it at the time.But in the end, we made it work, and I think it turned out to be an engrossing BOSS that was appreciated by fans.For Demon’s Souls, there were a lot of mechanics that were hard to design throughout development.For example, the online invasion versus feature is complicated, but I think the Old Man in Yellow encapsulates those tribulations and how we survived and made something we can be proud of.”The BOSS in The Yellow Suit in Demon’s Souls is quite special. It is similar to the BOSS “Church Gun” in Dark Souls 3. When playing in online mode, the system will summon a player who invades the area “3-3” using the Black Circle stone, and fight the player as the BOSS of the Yellow Suit.If offline, it is a normal NPC.After being summoned, the player will wear the famous yellow tiara on his head.Here are the choices of other studio members interviewed.Nixxes Software Animator Tom Clercx Firesprite Senior QA Tester Dzan Wong:FirespriteQA analyst Duncan Tyrer: Dark Souls Firesprite Game designer Matthew Kemp:Dark Souls 3 cold Valley Dancer Bend Studio Technical Designer Tucker ColeSanta Monica Studio Environmental Art Design Ivanna Liittschwager: Lady Maria of The Clock Tower for Blood Source Nixxes Software Keano Raubun:Israel Rey, Analyst at Bluepoint GamesQA: Lord Wolf, Naughty Dog Narrative Director Joe Pettinati, Lion Ape, Wolf, Firesprite Associate Design Director Anna Marsh, Lady Butterfly, Wolf