The people!The central district of Zaozhuang saves about 130 million yuan in drug costs every year

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Yao Chong On March 25, Zaozhuang city in the central district of medical security benefit policy press conference.We will release information on basic medical insurance for residents, medical insurance for employees, and their benefits.The central district of zaozhuang medical insurance bureau party member, the secondary section head – introduction, in 2021, the downtown district residents basic medical insurance subsidies standards from 520 yuan to 550 yuan per person per year, starting over 60 elderly residents in half, more than 70 – year – old elderly residents free protect capture all preferential policies to cut costs about 12 million yuan a year,The region has basically achieved the goal of “everyone enjoys basic medical security”.Song Wei said that the central district attached great importance to the basic medical security infrastructure, took the lead in the province to issue special documents to standardize the level of medical security work, unified establishment of town (street), village (residential) medical insurance work institutions, the formation of government-led, departmental linkage, coordination, layer upon layer implementation of the “big medical insurance” work pattern.The province has taken the lead in carrying out the “three-level joint innovation” of standardized construction of medical insurance handling service capacity of district, town (street) and village (neighborhood), and has made the medical insurance handling service business authority “as far as it can be released, and as far as it should be sink”, striving to achieve the medical insurance handling service “near” and “at home”, and truly opening up the “last mile” of serving the masses.At the same time, the government has reengineered the process of handling medical insurance services, greatly streamlined and compressed application materials and the time limit for handling chronic diseases, and shortened the time limit for handling chronic diseases in outpatient clinics from 180 days to one day.Song wei said that in 2021, the minimum payment standard for blood pressure and blood sugar lowering drugs for patients with the two diseases covered by the policy will be cancelled, and the proportion of funds covered by the policy will be increased to 60 percent.The medical insurance department has promoted centralized procurement of drugs and medical consumables on a regular basis, and actively promoted more than 300 batches (categories) of drugs and consumables to be purchased in the market, such as national procurement, provincial procurement and centralized procurement in the southern Shandong Economic circle. The maximum decrease reached 98% and the average decrease was more than 60%.Calculated based on the agreed procurement amount, the annual cost of medicines can be saved by about 130 million yuan, and the burden of medicines for the masses will be greatly reduced.In 2021, a total of 74,529 cases of nucleic acid testing were settled and reimbursed for 3.14 million yuan, significantly reducing the cost of epidemic prevention for the government and building a safety barrier for regular epidemic prevention and control.The municipal department of Central Medical Insurance established a data comparison mechanism with the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Rural Development Administration and other relevant departments, and implemented “shortage tolerance” for the newly enrolled population to ensure 100% coverage of basic medical insurance, serious disease insurance and medical assistance.We will improve the policy on payment subsidies, provide full subsidies to people in extreme poverty, ensure that 100 percent of key recipients of medical assistance receive medical assistance, and ensure one-stop settlement of medical assistance at designated medical institutions under the jurisdiction.In 2021, a total of 12,610 medical assistance cases were reviewed, an increase of 266%.