What to drink before 5000 meters to increase endurance?

2022-04-29 0 By

Can take a bottle of Red Bull beverage, can improve and replenish the body nutrition and micronutrients.It is recommended to eat more beef food to improve endurance and explosive power of the body.An hour before a long run, fill up on something high in energy and low in volume, such as sugar or chocolate, to help with energy storage.Because long-distance running is aerobic exercise, it needs to consume a lot of energy substance sugar.It is useful to do some replenishment and reserve beforehand.After a long run, taking a 30-minute or one-hour break with some sugar can also help.Adjust your running pace.Usually two or three steps on the exhale, two or three steps on the inhale.With the acceleration of running speed, the appearance of fatigue, the frequency of breathing will also increase, you can use step by step exhalation, step by step inhalation method.Exhalation should be deep, about one third of the lung capacity, to breathe out.Only when carbon dioxide is fully exhaled can oxygen be fully inhaled.To run 5000m well, one must have good endurance, which can only be obtained through persistent and hard training.Usually make an exercise plan for yourself, such as running 2000 meters today, 3000 meters tomorrow, 5000 meters the day after tomorrow, and then stick to running 5000 meters every other day.Remember the time spent and make progress every day.