World autism awareness day | baby stars game activities

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Do healthy communicators, all peer, grow up with the world autism awareness day at our side, have such a group of children, they look normal, but not on the surrounding information listen, turn a blind eye, no emotional attachment to anyone, live entirely in my own world, they are children with autism, also known as “the star child”.Some people think that children with autism are all geniuses, in some ways have special talent, some people think that children with autism may also hurt yourself and others, and so far away from them, so in order to improve the people to the attention of people with autism, out of the erroneous zone, strengthen the relevant knowledge and research, in December 2007, the United Nations general assembly resolution, since 2008,World Autism Awareness Day, or World Autism Awareness Day, is celebrated on April 2 every year.Autism, also known as autism spectrum Disorder, is a serious developmental disorder, mainly manifested as social communication disorders, rigid behavior, language disorders.As is known to all, game activities are the nature of children, but autistic children’s game skills are different from those of their peers. They will appear uncoordinated and inflexible in interaction with others and in the performance of game actions, and their way of playing is monotonous and rigid.Games can improve autistic children’s participation ability, concentration, movement ability, sensory perception, imitation ability, cognitive ability, understanding ability, improve autistic children’s emotion, improve emotional and behavioral problems.Physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine specialist feeds: Shanghai medical association branch of video production and editing: Yu Hong, Liang Juping, ting-ting hu Xinhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, rehabilitation medicine review: Du Qing physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine specialized branch of Shanghai medical association, deputy director of the committee member of Shanghai medical association actively play their own advantages, open up a new prospect of medical science.Three series of brand activities including “Healthy Steering Wheel”, “Build rainbow Bridge” and “Youth Medical Science Popularization Ability Competition” have been continuously carried out.Youth medical science popularization ability competition in Shanghai and even in China has become the most influential one of medical science, cultivate a large number of young medical science talent, has created a new era for young medical workers’ feelings, temperature, inheritance and innovation “the four popular science stage, to build a well-off society in an all-round way of the goal.