Full of beautiful things in eyes New Year goods refraction linyi people happy life

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During the Spring Festival, tancheng county flower market welcomes sales busy season, the farmer who rises gradually is no longer satisfied with the reserve of material product, rush to buy fragrant 4 overflow flowers to be used at decorating hall, make New Year becomes fragrant and beautiful.The Spring Festival is the most solemn and joyous traditional festival in China’s festive activities. Chinese people have a custom of buying goods for the New Year.What are the New Year’s Gifts?For the people of Linyi, Spring Festival goods are delicious snacks that children like, Spring Festival goods are chicken and fish snacks on the dinner table, Spring Festival goods are the return of traditional culture, every family thick homesickness can not open.In Tancheng, Shandong province, is listed in the provincial intangible cultural heritage of New Year wood-block paintings, hanging door pads and other goods, can set off a thick taste of the New Year.Up to now, the majority of rural areas still retain the traditional customs of hanging door notes and pasting New Year pictures.As the arrival of the Spring Festival, Tancheng County shengli Town Shawo village, Matou town high volume village folk artists have processing production, supply holiday market.In linyi this year the first secretary of the New Year goods during the great collection, after 80 beauty Zhang Jianping classic handmade cloth art works to show customers the unique charm of handmade cloth art.Different from their New Year’s goods, tancheng county grain farmers in welcome the Spring Festival at the same time to buy rice, corn and other “good varieties of goods”, actively preparing for spring ploughing spring sowing.In order to ensure that farmers can use safe varieties, the county seed company prepared more than 2 million kilograms of rice, corn, peanuts and other goods for the Spring Festival.In the strawberry wholesale trading market of Xiangyang Village, Gangshang Town, Tancheng County, “Tanxiang” strawberries follow the market into the peak season. The local people are busy loading goods for the New Year, and their New Year flavor is weak, but business is hot.