Panpan food, winter Olympic quality, why can the winter Olympic athletes circle of friends screen?

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On February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, featuring Chinese elements and culture, swept the Internet, igniting millions of people’s “ice dream” and instantly drawing the world’s attention to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.At the same time, athletes from various countries in the Winter Olympic Village showed their daily life in the village. A video showing the panpan gift box and eating panpan food from the national brand also caused a hot discussion on websites at home and abroad. Many people praised the arrangement for athletes from various countries in the Village.The success of Panpan gift box is the original intention and mission of Panpan Food to become the official sponsor and exclusive supplier of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Panpan food fire circle, foreign athletes frequently praised
After the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games, Panpan Food released a video recording to ensure the whole link of the Winter Olympic Games from production to logistics distribution, leading everyone to feel the high requirements and high standards of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.How did panpan food’s Winter Olympic quality come into being?As a national brand of Chinese food, Panpan Food has always adhered to the core concept of “Panpan Food is for our relatives to eat”, and has always carried out the practice of “helping 300 million people participate in ice and snow”, advocating everyone to help the Winter Olympics and make their own contribution to the Olympic Games.As early as 2019, Panpan Food began to communicate with boCOG and became the official sponsor and exclusive supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in October 2020.In the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, we can also see panpan food active on the Olympic stage.Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in 2020, the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and the future of the 2024 Olympics in Paris, every Olympic trip, long food will in fact standard, the champion quality products, provide the most powerful nutritional support for China’s Olympic athletes, and Chinese athletes stood together, will see them again and again on the Olympic podium.How is the quality of winter Olympics born?From Beijing Shougang Park and the official signing of the Winter Olympics organizing committee, Panpan food has already been closely linked with the Beijing Winter Olympics together.When the time enters the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, Panpan Food has truly become the industry benchmark with the winter Olympics standard.In October 2020, BoCOG signed an official contract with Panpan Food and announced that Panpan Food would become the official sponsor and exclusive supplier of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Panpan food is also the first Chinese snack food company to sponsor the Winter Olympics.For 26 years, the concept of quality is the life of the enterprise is deeply rooted in the corporate culture of Panpan Food.Panpan Food will serve the Winter Olympic athletes and every ordinary consumer with the standard and champion quality of the Winter Olympic Games. With every nutritional supply, panpan food will silently provide nutrition and protect health for the whole people and help the Beijing Winter Olympics.Games are wonderful 26 years with the games quality achievement of xu li and stand, cannot leave the section of “comprehensive health” support and vision, more from 26 years high standards of high quality, with “the games are standard, champion quality” products is long food can become an official sponsor of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing and the exclusive provider of support and confidence.Persistence, hard work and high standards are the essential qualities of every Winter Olympic athlete. The birth of every Winter Olympic athlete is inseparable from the training and challenge of high standards, and the products with winter Olympic standards are the same.When you walk into panpan’s workshop, you can see how the standard products of the Winter Olympics are produced, and you can clearly understand why Panpan food is the exclusive supplier of the Winter Olympics.From the raw material base to the factory, from the supply of food materials to the transportation management, every link is very strict, to ensure the full range of high quality, high standard and natural products.An Olympic-standard panpan snow cake cannot be made without a supply of high-quality fresh rice.Panpan Food always adheres to the global selection of high-quality raw materials. The rice it uses is the first grade rice from northeast China, which is located in the golden rice belt of the world, enjoys about 2900 hours of sunshine every year and is naturally irrigated by the Songhua River.Panpan food raw material procurement center and product protection center, specially added a raw material matching module, through a long time of test, select high quality, in line with the characteristics of the product raw materials.Not only that, Panpan also produces products with the best taste by scientific combination of soft wheat and hard wheat through research on different origins and varieties of wheat.How is champion quality born?Through exploration and practice, Panpan Food has independently established a standard management system for product safety and quality assurance that is stricter than the industry. It adopts intelligent fault analysis system and sets 203 monitoring points in the whole production and sales system from planting and purchasing of raw materials, ingredients, production, packaging, inspection and transportation.To achieve the “full staff, the whole process, all-round” 360 degrees “no dead Angle” standard coverage of the quality management system.The combination of high technology and enterprise’s good intentions has created panpan Food products with the standard of the Winter Olympics.A winter Olympics standard product can not leave the industry leading process standards.For example, The freeze-dried noodles specially customized by Panpan Food for the Winter Olympics adopt the advanced aerospace freeze-dried technology, that is, the food is frozen into solid in advance at a low temperature of minus 30℃, and then the solid water is directly sublimated under the condition of vacuum, locking the rich nutrition and mellow taste;Two – layer food – grade material barrel packaging, for the retention of fresh and good quality to provide a strong guarantee.Excellent technology and first-class standards for Panpan food products to bring health, nutrition, genuine quality taste, so that Panpan food products really have the inner strength to become the champion quality products.How is the quality of winter Olympics born?A standard winter Olympics panpan food is inseparable from strict transportation and management.Strict natural food testing process, from the source to lock the quality, 24-hour GPS monitoring food material transportation, realizing the whole process from workshop production to transportation traceability.High quality management standards in line with international standards bring sustainable quality assurance to Panpan.Quality makes the brand, plays the “quality + technology brand”, reads the “brand + service”, Panpan sets up the whole value chain “large quality view” to continuously improve the quality of products, products adhere to the “good bread from good wheat seedlings, good drinks from good water;Not high quality food is not out, not healthy drinks are not produced, “excellent in and excellent out” production and business philosophy, the use of gc, gas phase, liquid chromatography and other high-end detection equipment, all products have passed the national CNAS laboratory management system accreditation laboratory testing, to ensure that each winter Olympics series food safety.”Only in-depth can be extreme, only the extreme can create extraordinary” is the magic weapon of Panpan products with “champion quality”, and also the secret of its becoming a trustworthy official sponsor and exclusive supplier of the Winter Olympics.High quality determines high benchmark, the quality of the Winter Olympics can make the Winter Olympics wonderful.Flexible and innovative to welcome the “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics” has been impressively opened.Due to the impact of the epidemic, this Winter Olympic Games is destined to be a special and historic one, and China has adopted positive measures and methods to host the Games.Panpan Foods, an official sponsor of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has responded to the government’s call to make changes to embrace the “Winter Olympics moment” with flexibility and innovation.China Institute of Food Science and Technology and Panpan Food jointly issued the White Paper on Food Nutrition and Health (Winter Olympics). Under the background of high public concern about healthy life, Panpan Food, in line with the core appeal of “openness and transparency”, invited consumers to visit the factory from 2016 to 2021 to witness the birth of quality.It also integrates resources from various fields such as China Institute of Food Science and Technology and academicians of The Chinese Academy of Engineering to continuously promote the comprehensive upgrade of Panpan food. “Visit Panpan” with quality experience as the core has become the first choice of many Panpan consumer representatives.Olympic champion Yu Xiaoyu explores the past of Panpan Food factory, all for the preface.In the past 26 years, Panpan has become a reliable brand of Winter Olympics quality with every package and every grain of winter Olympics standard products.Now, Panpan is leading everyone to help the Beijing Winter Olympics with practical actions.In the future, Panpan will make more efforts to promote the arrival of a new era of national health and build strength for sports power.Panpan is on the move. 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