Premier League analysis: Gunners can’t beat Wolverhampton Wanderers in the winter window as Striker returns to Liverpool to win easily at Fox City

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Wolverhampton Wanderers are in eighth place on 34 points with 10 wins, 4 draws and 7 defeats in the Premier League, scoring 19 goals and conceding 16. They are two points adrift of the Champions League, with Arsenal to chase.Wolves lost 1-0 at home to lowly Norwich in the fa cup in midweek, ending their four-match unbeaten run and winning streak in six matches.However, the team is not enough to pay attention to the cup, and the striker Hwang He-chan, Tlinkang is expected to return, as well as the defender Seth after the African Cup of Nations return, but Traore transfer barca, how much a little loss.But wolves face strong teams, the basic defense is given priority to, this field strategy is unlikely to pressure out.Arsenal are in sixth place in the uefa Cup zone with 36 points, with 11 wins, three draws and seven losses, scored 33 goals and conceded 25.Since the end of January league 0-0 draw by burnley, after the gunners didn’t play in 20 days, then to dubai training, should return to the premier league is brimming with vigour, but the midfielder in the el and right-back, rich AnJianYang status is in doubt, but fortunately, Obama MeiYang, Mali, niles, cora cena, such as people who have left the team is borderline,Not too much.Gunners have been unbeaten in 5 consecutive games (2 draws 3 losses), and the winter window did not introduce, the strength of the decline is obvious, this game should not get down, optimistic about the home team unbeaten.Liverpool are second on 48 points with 14 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses in the Premier League, scoring 58 goals and conceding 19. They are 12 points behind leaders Manchester City despite playing two games fewer.The Reds beat Cardiff 3-1 in the fa Cup in midweek, with African Cup finalist Salah Salah and Manet missing, but Jota and Takasoru Nano scoring.This field front line configuration probability will become if the tower and Salah live two wings, firmino play center.However, the fa Cup captain Henderson injured, this game can not play.Leicester city are 12th in the Premier League on 26 points with seven wins, five draws and eight losses, scoring 34 goals and conceding 37.The team is in bad shape, mainly due to too many injuries, leading striker Vardi missing, defenders Castagne, Evans, fofana and others injured.There are also a number of players in the African Cup of Nations adjustment, including Ndidi, isinacho, amatai and mendy.In the FA Cup, Amatai and Ndidi performed poorly as Fox City were thrashed 4-1 at Nottingham Forest.Rodgers is reported to have warned that changes will be made to the squad.In 2021 leicester city managed an unbeaten run of two wins and a draw against Liverpool, but only 3-3 in the Fa Cup came at Anfield.The last time Leicester won there was back in 2000 and it was easy for the Reds to win, but it will be difficult to beat the two-goal score.Might as well try to make the ball even.# epL ## match lottery ## Match lottery basketball #