Review of the case in 2009: a human relations tragedy caused by brothers’ dispute over daughter-in-law in Hengyang, Hunan province

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It is a universal truth that a friend’s wife cannot be bullied, let alone a brother’s wife.Unfortunately, some people do not understand, knowing that the relationship between the taboo and brother wife, but do not want to avoid taboo.Even lost their humanity, for a period of abnormal love should not be cruel to the pain of the brothers, hengyang city in Hunan province has happened before such a case.He covet sister-in-law, with the appearance together unexpectedly to the younger brother pain next malicious hand, how is this case to return a responsibility after all?What was the end of the brother?Bizarre homicide May 12, 2009, live in hengshan County East Lake town of a village peng home is very lively, this day is his 50th birthday.In Chinese custom, the whole birthday is a big event, relatives and friends must get together to celebrate.But wait until the morning is about to open, Peng has found a strange thing, how his brother-in-law Wang Li has not come?They had already agreed that Wang Li would come to help this day, but he didn’t show up when breakfast was about to start.Peng felt strange, such a grand banquet, Wang Li as a brother-in-law can not not to attend.Even if you didn’t come, you should have called. Not only did your phone not call, but it was turned off.Don’t be anything, thinking, Peng let people go to Wang Li’s home to see.Unexpectedly, no one in his home, until the afternoon, wang Li did not appear.Aware of the wrong villagers in the village to help find spontaneous results the next day afternoon, in the village of the late villagers Shao Shu abandoned old house kitchen found his body.The three suspects, Surnamed Wang, did not die of an accident, but was murdered. Autopsy results showed that he had 20 wounds on his head, neck and back.It’s obviously not self-inflicted, and besides, this old house wasn’t the first crime scene.I think it was just a dump site, because there were clear drag marks on the side of the body, which led up to the plow road north of the house.Subsequently the police in wang Li outside a trail of grass investigation to a pool of blood, and this trail to have a drop of blood in the plow road, confirmed that here is the first crime scene.According to this, the police deduced the crime process, the murderer should be early ambush in the grass.While Wang Li is not prepared to kill it, followed by the path, there is a plow road drag to the old house, but who is the murderer?After checking wang’s personal relationship, the police had three suspects, the first of which was Shao Shu’s brother.He had suspected that the death of his brother and Wang Li mou about, two people have long-standing grievances dispute, coincidentally is wang Li mou after death was also abandoned shao Shu some old house.Is it possible that he killed Wang Li out of spite, dragged to the old house to comfort the ghost of his brother?The second suspect is Tang mou, Tang mou is wang Li’s wife a Feng’s current lover, tang mou will kill Wang Li for a feng?The real killer was caught but after the two of them were interrogated and compared over time, there was only one suspect left.This person’s identity is a bit special, he is wang Li mou’s close brother Wang Zhao mou, Wang Zhao mou’s suspicion is also because with a Feng has as long as 15 years of lover relationship.In fact, the police did not focus on him at first. He was wang’s brother after all, and he had been working in Guangdong Huadu for a long time.His family and neighbors said they had not seen him back recently. It is a seven-hour drive from Huadu to Hengshan. The factory also reported that he returned home after May 14 to attend the funeral.So the police once removed him from the suspect list, but after eliminating shao shu’s brother and Tang’s suspicion, the police got a key clue from a villager surnamed Zhou.May 10 at 8:00 p.m., Zhou had seen Wang Zhaomou, his suspicion increased instantly.Repeated inspection found that the factory was negligent, during that time Wang Zhao was not in the factory.Because he went out without asking for leave, the factory thought he was still at work, and his family and neighbors did not know about his return.Leaving the factory without informing your family or neighbors is highly suspicious.Wang zhao, aware of the police suspicion immediately fled, May 16, in the east Lake village of another hill arrested.Abnormal love caused Wang Zhao was arrested after no resistance, soon confessed his criminal facts, he is indeed killed his own brother Wang Li for a Feng.As early as 15 years ago, after a feng married with Wang Li, wang Zhao hooked up with his sister-in-law.Two people affair one establishes is 15 years, during, wang Zhao mou for feng it may be said is family ruin.Brother because he hooked up with his wife anger and resentment, his wife because he engaged in extramarital affairs divorce, son for his behavior contemptuous suicide.The original thought that his brother gave birth to hate, his wife left, and his son’s suicide can make him repent, but unfortunately Wang Zhao not only did not repent, but also therefore put all hope on A Feng.Seeing a Feng because of Wang Li mou is not willing to leave not to marry tardily, again in many years of entanglement gradually abandoned this paragraph of relation, turn a head to look for tang Mou.Let Wang Zhaomou more resentment, he did not blame “beloved” a Feng, will blame all the wrong brother.Think all because the younger brother is not willing to divorce will be so, now his family is broken, and then lose feng that is really nothing.In this paragraph of malformed love pester below, his psychology becomes malformed gradually, give birth to kill heart to wang Li some then.The feeling of he and A feng is wrong from the beginning, still should not have some abnormal love to kill for this paragraph actually, what kill is oneself close younger brother.This is the same root, what is too urgent, have to say that Wang Zhao is really no human nature.He should not only be blamed from the moral, but also accept the severe punishment of the law, Wang Zhao behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide.Article 232 of criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China: Whoever intentionally kills another person shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.Although this case is a civil conflict caused by marriage, family and other intentional homicide, but Wang Zhao is the victim of a close relative, so the law should be given a heavier punishment.Finally, Wang zhao was sentenced to death. At this time, he realized his regret and cried bitterly that he was sorry for his brother.