Net worth over 100 million “chair president” Li Chuangli: height less than 1 meters, marry beauty secretary for wife

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In 2016, CCTV invited a special guest on its variety show.His name is Trung Lee and he suffers from dwarfism.At the scene, he was in a wheelchair, unable to walk, with a large face and a small build, only about 90cm tall.Such a person obviously needs to be looked after both financially and financially.But he is a billionaire e-commerce group president, not only that, he also married his 17m secretary for his wife, and gave birth to a healthy son.How did such a man get rich?How do you get a beautiful wife?Li chuangli was born in shantou, Guangdong province in 1986. He was the first boy in his family.That time, tide shan person pays attention to birth male child very much.Li Chuangli’s arrival makes the whole family immersed in great joy.But the day he was born, the doctor noticed something was wrong with his right leg. After examination, the bone inside was found to be broken.Through further examination, that Li Chuangli not only got “brittle bone disease”, but also suffer from “dwarfism”.Dwarfism, is not tall, the doctor decided that the height of the adult will not be more than 1 meter.Brittle bone disease, is to pay special attention to the child’s action, otherwise it is easy to cause fractures, let the child is very painful, serious words will crisis to life.When the mother heard the news, she burst into tears. She felt sorry for her son and should not have brought him into this world to suffer.What kind of influence does brittle bone disease bring to him?As a baby, he broke his leg crawling on the ground.When I was older, PLAYING with kids, I broke my arm throwing toys.Even at night when sleeping, grandpa worried about him catching cold, add some quilt to cover him, the result when he turned over, accidentally put the right hand and right leg of the bone to break.Li chuangli said: “This disease accompanied my childhood only pain, I experienced this pain more than 30 times, many times I fainted.Every time he tried to get a rope, he had no strength.Want to buy medicine, but there is no way to act.But in this case, grandpa also insisted that Li Chuangli go to school.Grandpa said dearly: “No matter what, he must go to school, his body has been so, do you want to let his head is also useless?”Despite grandpa’s determination, the family also worked hard to create conditions for him to go to school.But the school refused to accept, went to several schools, they are worried about Li Chuangli’s body will bring trouble to the school.Finally, grandpa wrote down a guarantee, said that grandson in the school of all accidental fracture things, are responsible for our own, has nothing to do with the school, reluctantly accepted by a primary school.It was grandpa’s persistence that laid the foundation for Li chuangli’s entrepreneurship.Li Chuangli went to school for three years, broke 10 fractures, scared the school did not dare to accept.Li chuangli wanted to go to school with normal children, but no school would accept him.For this, he is very abased and sad, and moved the idea of suicide.Grandpa read his thoughts and encouraged him. “It was hard for us to take care of you, especially when you were hurt. Don’t let us down.Li Chuangli listened to all cry, he decided to cheer up, not to let his family down.After that, grandpa found textbooks and let him study at home.By the age of 11, Li had finished his primary school curriculum.He read in the newspaper an example of a disabled person who started a successful business.He was encouraged and thought to himself: If he can, why can’t I?Shantou stationery toys industry is more developed, Li Chuangli decided to do some characteristic toys out stall.He told the idea to his family, grandpa and mom were surprised, young age and dragging this body, really can?But in order to support him, his family still took out some money for him to start a business.Li Chuangli’s career is the first step in his life.Li Chuangli went out to set up a stall, unexpected success.He is very talkative, always calling out “handsome men and beautiful women”. When introducing toys to customers, he can also say that there are special reasons for his body.Li chuangli’s toys were easy to sell out. In those two years, he was able to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, when the salary of an ordinary worker was only a few hundred yuan.However, When Li Chuangli set up his stall, he always avoided ridicule and guidance from others.When he was young, he often heard these remarks. He could not bear them psychologically and did not want to go out to set up shop.In 2002, his aunt came back from Shenzhen and learned about Li chuangli.She put forward suggestions: Shenzhen than rural open, there will not be.Moreover, Li Chuangli not want to strike their own career, Shenzhen has a good prospect, more opportunities.Aunt of these words, deeply attracted to stay in the countryside Li Chuangli.This is the same as most of us rural people, since childhood, there is a yearning for big city life psychology.After making up his mind, Li Chuangli followed his aunt to Shenzhen.To Shenzhen, Li Chuangli wants to find a job to do first, but his limbs are inconvenient, thinking about engaging in computer related.Li chuangli taught himself computer, a month of time, can type 50-60 words a minute.After finishing his studies, he went out to look for a job.Trung Lee got a lot of jobs in his stroller, and just like in school, he got a lot of strange looks and rejections.Li chuangli was disheartened, but he still wanted to hold on.Finally, a boss agreed to give him an interview.The interview went well, and the boss wanted to hire him.But after careful consideration, he touched Li Chuangli’s head and said: “Our company is on the third floor, there is no elevator, if hire you, I will have to find another person to wait on you.”Li Chuangli instantly understood the meaning: “even say thank you”, and walked away.These experiences, so that Li Chuangli understand that they are impossible to work, only entrepreneurship.Li chuangli made his first money in Shenzhen selling newspapers at a stall outside his factory.In that month, he earned 219 yuan.”This was my first bucket of gold in Shenzhen, and I am still very impressed,” li said.Although this money is small, but still can let this many times to look for a job to hit the wall of him, get a little comfort.Life as a stall stall is not easy, in Shenzhen will be driven away by the chengguan.Once, the chengguan came to check, all the street vendors are gone, only Li Chuangli there “indifferent”.Chengguan eldest brother came forward and asked: “Why don’t you run?”Do not know at that time Li Chuangli hear this words is what taste, he Chou cheng Guan eldest brother one eye: “you see I run move?”The chengguan were too sympathetic to arrest him, but legally confiscated his goods anyway.In these days, Li Chuangli met a good friend called Yang Xuefeng.Yang Xuefeng saw the Internet cafe business is very good, then proposed cooperation to open Internet cafes.When it first opened, the Internet cafe business was very hot, only three months, will be back.I saw myself on the verge of success, and then something happened.Internet cafes involved in “operating without a license”, forced to shut down.Li Chuangli had no choice but to continue to make a living.During the stall, Li chuangli smell the rise of the mobile phone industry.At that time, the number of mobile phone users in China was growing rapidly, and Shenzhen was a major distribution and sales city.Under this opportunity, Li Chuangli sold more than 7,000 mobile phones and earned his first million.After just tasted the taste of success, Li Chuangli invests everywhere, open net shop, do media industry to wait.As a result, because he is not familiar with, involving fields and too much, Li Chuangli almost all losses.Very not easy to earn the money, and lost about the same, which let Li Chuangli experience a mountain car feeling.During those months, Li chuangli was in a daze.Later, his friend introduced him to do network direct health care products, although made good results, but Li Chuangli found that this direct sales model has the risk of “pyramid selling”.He was wary of the risk and decided to call it a day after thinking about it.But access to the Internet made Mr Lee see this as the future.Indeed, after 2010, mobile Internet began to infiltrate our life slowly.Mr Lee has always been able to seize opportunities.If only once in a while, it may be luck, but often seize opportunities, must have something to do with his forward-looking vision.After aiming at e-commerce, Li chuangli taught himself programming and created an e-commerce platform called “Chuangli Xinxuan”.In this process, he gradually explored the idea of “compound group marketing”. To put it simply, it is similar to the idea of “buying more people, the price will be cheaper”.Li Chuangli in this way of thinking, the e-commerce quickly become big, he also united friends, together to form a group company.In the group, Trung Lee is a co-founder, but in the selection of group president, everyone voted for him unanimously.Not wanting to live up to the recognition, Li chuangli worked even harder after becoming president, often working overtime until 12 PM.In 2014, at the age of 28, Li chuangli’s net worth had reached 300 million yuan.Li Chuangli has experienced many entrepreneurial failures, but every time did not beat him, but let him more down more yong, it is in a try, let him break the cocoon and out.Lee met his wife at the company when he was president and she was his secretary.In the work, because of li Chuangli’s physical condition, it is inevitable that there will be some personal life problems need help.As time passed, the two men fell in love with each other.But his secretary knew that she was young and beautiful, and that she would get a lot of talk and ridicule if she pursued her disabled and multimillion-dollar boss.She is very hesitant, just like before take good care of Li Chuangli, and did not express affection.Li Chuangli used to her care, one day, he finally summoned the courage to declare, two people go smoothly together.Some say it must be because li chuangli is rich, while others say it may be his positive energy that attracts her.There is no perfect answer to this question, which can only be proved in the future.In order to make up for his physical absence, Li chuangli wants to achieve more in his career and make himself worthy of his wife.For the sake of convenience and efficiency, he doesn’t care about his physical disability and has people carry him directly to the conference table during meetings.Soon after their marriage, his wife became pregnant.At the same time, they were happy and worried that their children might be like their father.When Li Chuangli hesitated, his good friend Yang Xuefeng patted his chest and said: “Be bold and rest assured to give birth to the child, no matter what the problem is, I will treat this child as one’s own.”With the support of a good friend, Li Chuangli just rest assured.The day his wife gave birth, Yang xuefeng accompanied Li Chuangli to the hospital.Fortunately, the baby was fine and did not suffer from dwarfism or brittle bone disease.When li chuangli saw the report of the child’s experience, he smiled happily.In an interview with CCTV, Li chuangli said, “Yang Xuefeng is my most grateful friend in my life.”During his career and family, Li chuangli did not forget to give back to the society. He actively participated in charity activities with the goal of establishing 100 Hope primary schools.Today, Lee is 35, with a growing child, a happy husband and wife, and still running a large company as CEO.After lee s success, he often said, If you are physically disabled but mentally and spiritually healthy, you have a chance to succeed.If the body is healthy, but the heart and mind are disabled, there is no chance of success!”If his grandfather had not insisted that he go to school, let him master the basic writing and learning ability.I think li Chuangli might not have made today’s achievements.Of course, this is only one aspect.His experience, but also a true interpretation of what is “heaven line, the gentleman to self-improvement” famous.As the CCTV interviewer said: “Strong, sunshine, faith, these words are very easy to say, but easy to know, difficult to do, to really integrate into your mind, and can practice in life, is very difficult.”No doubt Li chuangli did.Reference: CCTV variety show: “To happiness”