Strengthen the crackdown on prevention to protect the Safety of the Spring Festival

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, the Party Committee of Longyan Municipal Public Security Bureau made early arrangements and scientific overall arrangements to ensure enough police officers to stick to the front line and strengthen the prevention and control of road and street patrols as well as regular epidemic prevention and control work.Before the festival, the city organized a centralized inventory and unified action of “welcoming two festivals, removing hidden dangers and ensuring safety” to ensure social stability and stability during the Spring Festival.It is understood that the city’s public security organs strictly and strictly pay attention to the city’s social security stability work, focusing on the investigation of risks and hidden dangers, key areas patrol, prominent public security problems rectification, overall prevention and control of social security and service to ensure the safety of the masses and other key work.During the festival, longyan city center to implement more police guard new service pattern of point, line and plane, improve the alarm rate, and enhance the control force, rapid disposal of all kinds of industry, strengthen the scenic spots and scenic areas and traffic safety hidden perils in safety regulation, large-scale activities, dangerous goods safety regulation, weave dense social overall prevention and control network, effectively deterring illegal crime,Eliminate all kinds of security risks in the bud, and strive to create a harmonious and stable public security environment.