The first Spring Festival Gala of Yangquan Employees in 2022 was successfully held

2022-05-01 0 By

Yellow River News Network Yangquan news (reporter Shen Lin, Chu Yan) February 14, with the “Chinese dream, labor beauty – the new era, the new journey” as the theme of the first Workers In Yangquan City Spring Festival gala in the first yangquan city radio and TELEVISION studio number one successfully held.This is the first Spring Festival party for workers in Yangquan city.The party is sponsored by the Yangquan Federation of Trade Unions, undertaken by the Yangquan Workers’ Cultural Palace, and co-organized by Yangquan Radio and TELEVISION Station.The staff Spring Festival gala held, enriched the majority of staff spiritual and cultural life, fully show the elegant demeanour of the majority of staff.The party in the “colorful Spring Festival” dance opened the curtain, the host accompanied by cheerful music, and to send the Spring Festival blessing.Music allegro “new format of the eight workers”, crosstalk “power pioneer” and other programs vividly show the spirit of yangquan workers, songs “I struggle I happiness” to the climax of the party.Song and dance “Happiness is a song”, “national Sun and Moon Star”, sketch “sweet career”, scene song “Small Yangquan” and other wonderful programs, showing the majority of workers into the new era, the pursuit of a happy life of the joy of mood, expressed the love of the motherland and the better life of the yearning and hope.The content of the program carries forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, craftsman spirit, fully showing the spirit of yangquan staff.At the beginning of organizing the Spring Festival Gala for employees, The Yangquan Federation of Trade Unions and the Yangquan Workers’ Cultural Palace actively organized trade unions at all levels and enterprises and institutions to create programs. Nearly 100 programs entered the audition for the Spring Festival Gala for employees. After strict screening, thirty-two programs finally stepped onto the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for employees.The successful holding of the Spring Festival Gala fully reflects the spirit of the front-line workers.In the future, Yangquan federation of trade unions will continue to provide workers with a stage of spiritual and cultural life to meet the cultural needs of the masses of workers.It is reported that the second stage of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of Yangquan employees will be staged in the No.1 studio of Yangquan Radio and TELEVISION Station on February 16.[Edit: Xinran Wang]