Vehicle loan agreement

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$Y* n;Id Card No. : Driving License No. :I. Party B shall, through mutual negotiation, borrow the car from Party A with the license plate “”. The time of borrowing the car shall start from (date) (month) (year), and the date of returning the car shall be (month) (day) (year).Ii. After both parties confirm that the vehicle is in good condition on site, they shall handle the handover procedures and provide party B with relevant valid certificates (driving license Number:).Iii. If Party A lends the car to Party B free of charge, it is really a friend relationship and does not need to pay any rental fee.Iv. Party B’s Responsibilities:During 1, party b use the vehicle, to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the country, driving safety to civilization, has the drive and not drink driving, illegal driving, vehicle driving, in spite of vehicles don’t lend to others without authorization, or caused by illegal, illegal, illegal and other civil or legal responsibility, shall be responsible for and bear all the economic losses caused by party a;2. During the use of the vehicle, Party B shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair and routine inspection of the vehicle. During the loan of the vehicle, Party B shall bear all expenses (fuel fees, tolls, parking fees, etc.);3. Party B shall not use the vehicle for any illegal or criminal activities, or lend, transfer, pawn, mortgage or modify the vehicle; otherwise, Party B shall bear all economic losses and legal liabilities arising therefrom;4. If any traffic accident occurs during the use of the vehicle, Party B shall promptly go to the local public security traffic management department for handling.V. This Agreement is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy. It shall come into force after being signed by both parties.+ }$ L I, i2 C4 \!Party A: Party B: Date of Signing