Cast list of Dangerous City

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Movie “Danger city” actors: Liu Qingyun, Louis Koo, Eddie Peng, Wu Jing, Yuan Quan, Liao Qizhi, Jiang Shuying, Hong Tianzhao, Wu Tingye, etc.1. Dangerous City tells the story of Yang Keran who defied power and enforced the law justly during the warlord period.For the warlord Cao Shaolin with his own power disregard life, persecution of others, Yang Keran did not shrink back, to bring him to justice, but then faced the cao family forces.As the head of the guard regiment, he killed the enemy with blood and justice.Liu Qingyun as Yang Ke difficult in the heart of righteousness, integrity.He serves as the general city defends the regiment head, defends the people’s safety, sticks to the belief in oneself heart, does not allow anyone to do the thing that causes harm to god and reason, often alone makes danger, cannot get the understanding of others, but he still goes his own way.Peng’s ma Feng is uninhibited and highly skilled in martial arts.Ma Feng followed the master to learn a skill, this is a lonely journey, everything is not tired, but after meeting Yang Ke difficult, slowly influenced by its edify, the heart convinced this person, two people’s friendship is indestructible.