Chinese Cabbage prices for Chinese New Year

2022-05-02 0 By

86 outlets in Tianjin continue to supply cabbages during the Spring Festival yesterday morning, the first batch of 110 tons of government-stored cabbage was released to all outlets in an orderly way, attracting a large number of citizens.Reporter money enters photograph yesterday 10 when, the reporter comes to south open area China run ten thousand supermarket king tops dike inn, catching up with the passenger flow peak here.In the grocery line for the weighing, many people had cabbage in their shopping carts.As one of 86 outlets in the city, the store will have government-stocked cabbages on its shelves every day from yesterday until Feb. 7.”The Spring Festival is coming, so my family has to store some cabbage.This dish is very good, quite fresh, 1.1 yuan per kilo, cheaper than outside.”Grandmother Ding, who lives in the garden, carefully selects four cabbages.’The dishes here are complete and plentiful,’ she told reporters.Seeing the news of the reserve dish, Ms. Li came to the supermarket specially yesterday to buy: “The price is cheap, I buy back to do stuffing.We have a large family, so one cabbage is enough for a meal.I don’t stock up. I just keep a few at home and buy them after I eat them.””The price of cabbage is quite reasonable today, but I just bought it yesterday. How long will it last?””Asked a customer.”Have no matter, recently have every day, you New Year time come all right, still this price!”Liu June, manager of wanding Di store of Vanguard Supermarket of China Resources, answers customers as she arranges shelves.She told reporters that the store’s plan to reserve vegetables that day is 2 tons, according to customer demand timely adjustment.The reporter saw during the interview, from time to time a shop assistant is pushing a whole car with cling film wrapped cabbage to replenish goods on the shelf.Approaching the Spring Festival, many citizens are purchasing food materials, buy New Year goods, Liu June introduced, in view of the market demand, the supermarket logistics center specially increased the reserve, can guarantee the store goods supply at any time.At present, the amount of vegetables in store than the same period last year more than double, all kinds of packaging, bulk vegetables a total of 110 or so, to the citizens of the festival “vegetable basket” to provide a rich choice.Liu Xitao, deputy director of the market operation department of the municipal Bureau of Commerce, told reporters that the government reserves of cabbage from Tangshan, Zhangjiakou and other places in Hebei province, the main purpose of the launch is to increase supply and ensure the smooth operation of the market during the Spring Festival, a total of 2,000 tons of the planned release.”According to market monitoring, the prices of most dishes are lower than the same period last year.We will continue to monitor market changes and take a series of measures to ensure supply in case of any changes.”He said.Source: Tianjin Daily