Cities and towns to improve the quality of industry tree flag rural seats ten miles of lake “tiger” full

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People along the lake and river often come early in spring.Be located in the park of the lake river bank that lake pond street crosses lake water month inside, a brand-new city study is conspicuous all the more, spot staff member is busy arranging book, design puts essay to wait.”The city study integrates tang Poetry road, yellow rice wine and other characteristic elements. It will be opened recently, not only to enhance the cultural taste of the town, but also believe that it can become a place for the masses to punch in.”The staff confidently said.Enterprises and projects are the strong support for development.In hutang industrial zone, Sanhan Technology Company has accelerated the iterative upgrading of production technology through land “secondary development”. The main body of the first phase of the project has been completed on the block where the old factory buildings were demolished.”After the holiday, the street staff will take the initiative to send services, listen to suggestions, to help us solve the problem.”Tang Shaojun, head of the company, the project total investment of 280 million yuan, after the completion will form an annual output of 10,000 tons of high-end knitted fabrics and annual output of 10 million meters of laser embroidery production scale, is expected to reach 450 million yuan, annual profit tax 30 million yuan.In the workshop of Hengyuan Textile Company, it is also a busy scene. The old employees have been arriving at their posts since the eighth day of the first lunar month. 70% of the equipment has been at full capacity, and orders have been booked until the end of April.In recent days, Ke Xinyao, secretary of the General Party Branch of Hutang Xianglin Village, together with the sub-district offices and hangzhou experts, discussed the planning scheme for the establishment of provincial “future villages” and “pioneering demonstration villages of Rural revitalization”, in preparation for the launching of the bidding for “entrepreneurship and innovation” planning.Last year, Xianglin Village was awarded the “National Key Village for Rural Tourism” and successfully included in the provincial list of “Future Villages” and “Rural revitalization pilot Demonstration Villages”.Ke Xinyao said: “This year is the beginning of the construction of hutang ‘happy living, happy working, happy traveling’ new picture, is the year of xianglin to create a ‘future village’, ‘rural revitalization pioneer village’ ‘double innovation’, the whole village will grasp the opportunity, roll up their sleeves to work hard.”The recently held 2022 Hutang Street Cadres Conference and economic Work Conference, released a strong signal of “xing practical culture”, sounded the charge horn of “strive to get ahead”.In the New Year, Hutang Street will start from “urban quality improvement, industrial tree banner, rural competition for seats”, focus on promoting street neighborhood center, national sports park and other projects, gradually build a new town development pole;Relying on the upgrading of the characteristic town “Shaoxing Yellow Wine Town”, giving play to the driving effect of leading liquor enterprises such as “Kuaiji Mountain” and “Tower Brand”, promoting the yellow wine enterprises to gather in the south bank of Jianhu River;The entity runs zuimei Hutang Rural Industry Development Company, enhances the village collective economic income, establishes Hutang Waxberry professional cooperative, enhances the influence of “Hutang Red”, “Jianhu White” and other waxberry brands.”Hutang will rely on the unique positioning of ‘Jianhu suburban cultural and creative leisure area’, vigorously develop practical culture, strive to advance, high standard planning, initiative, solid start, contribute more hutang strength for the construction of the district ‘international textile capital, Hangshaoxing Star City’.Street chief said.Full media reporter Wang Qiuli correspondent Fu Zheng Ren Jiangyan