Could FC-31 be a stealth hit?With reasonable price and complete equipment, SAC takes great action for export

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Since the United States F-35 stealth aircraft carrier, military fans have been looking at our stealth aircraft carrier, until the appearance of FC-31, let us seem to see a glimmer of hope, but after analysis, it is found that it may not be compared with the FAT electricity of the United States.Especially in terms of exports, but the recent global Times report, and sac’s actions, things seem to be different.Analysts say the FC-31 is competing with the U.S. F-35 and Russia’s Su-75, but it is unlikely to be the only one left behind, the Global Times reported Wednesday.On the contrary, the FC-31 actually has an advantage over other factors such as price and technology.Meanwhile, earlier this week, SAC announced on its official wechat account that zhan Qiang, deputy general manager of the company, had set up a “Gyr” project office in order to “serve two markets with one type of equipment” and cultivate target customers, taking a solid step forward in promoting military trade in shenyang.To begin with, “one type of equipment serves two markets.” Of course, there must be a model for our military to equip itself and a model that can be exported for military trade. The “Uighur Eagle” is actually what we call the FC-31.The implication is that SAC is ready to export the FC-31, and now it has set up a dedicated office to directly cultivate target customers.Wei Dongxu, a military expert, said the FC-31 is highly competitive and can compete with the U.S. F-35 fighter jet in the market.Because most of the F-35 stealth fighter exports so far have been aimed primarily at Allies or partners of the White House, few other countries have been able to secure such deals.That is to say, a budget, a political factor, although many countries want to buy the fifth generation stealth fighter, but are rejected by the United States.Therefore, at present, the international market of stealth fighter is far from saturation, and our FC-31 has no political restrictions, but also has various advantages, naturally, it is likely to become a popular export of stealth fighter.While we’re at it, let’s talk about what advantages the FC-31 has over the American F-35 and The Russian SU-57.The first is the price. The F-35 fighter is a foreign trade stealth fighter specially developed by the United States. Its positioning is low cost and universality.So it has less stealth and supersonic cruise capability than the F-22, and therefore costs less than $40 million.But that’s only relative to the F-22, and that’s just the cost. As for the final export price, we can’t be sure. The only thing we can be sure of is that as long as the Americans are, they will not suffer, especially when it comes to their Allies.For example, America sold Israel a customised, low-spec VERSION of the F-35A for $100m;The one sold to Japan, $105 million;Sold to Norway for $190 million.And this is just the original F-35A, if it is the F-35B short take-off and vertical landing fighter that many countries want, or the F-35C fighter that is being carried by THE US aircraft carrier, the US company will only charge a higher price, it will not be cheap.Chinese weapons have traditionally been valued according to the technology used and the cost of each piece of equipment, so the FC-31 is more affordable, or at least not overpriced.The second is the integrity of the onboard equipment. The US has a long-standing habit of selling only fighter jets without providing mounted weapons, for example. According to Wei, the FC-31 will provide complete onboard equipment and weapons at a reasonable price.Third, FC-31 itself has advanced technology. It is pointed out that the development of FC-31 takes into account the balance effect of all aspects, so it uses relatively mature advanced technology, directly realizing the leap from the fourth generation to the fifth generation.At the same time, a diamond nose, DSI inlet, v-shaped double vertical tail are many;It is equipped with the domestically produced KLJ-7 AESA radar, whose electronic technology is comparable to that of the F-35.In addition, it can carry the Pil-15 series of air-to-air missiles, which can completely compete with the American fifth-generation aircraft.In general, THE FC-31 is no inferior to the F-35 in terms of performance. The fire control and flight control systems are comparable, and the performance in air combat is basically the same. At the same time, the price is reasonable, and there are other factors.Moreover, many previous analyses of fC-31 defects are basically based on the navigation system, but now turbofan-10 “Taihang” engine has been equipped with J-20 fighter jet, and J-10C is equipped with domestic engine and flown abroad.This shows that Air China’s technology has reached a certain standard, so it is not impossible to equip the FC-31 with a domestic engine with better performance.Since the development of FC-31, the outside world has paid great attention to its progress, because China started late in the development of military equipment, and the gap has widened due to various factors such as technology and resources.Both carrier-based fifth-generation aircraft and foreign-trade fifth-generation aircraft are one step behind the West, but now it seems that both are estimated to be near.