How long will it take to open the 400 number

2022-05-02 0 By

Online application 400 phone the fastest steps – the letter network win enterprises in the 400 phone, the choice of channels, the audit time will be different.Operators handling, generally need 7 to 15 working days, agents handling is much faster, about 3 days can be audited and opened.Be dealt with directly in operator business hall, it is to do not have privilege on capital fee, need pay to choose number expend, open an account cost, monthly rent wait for charge.In the regular agent for 400 phone, do not charge any handling fee, only need to pre-deposit phone fees can apply for opening, other is free application.400 telephone handling mainly includes four steps: 1, choose the number, customer service will provide you with optional suitable number and package;2. Submit materials and provide enterprise information to customer service as required;3. Sign contracts and deposit phone charges in advance;4. After the service is opened, the enterprise starts to set up and use the function.As long as the enterprises to choose formal agent 400 telephone can be launched soon, 7 * 24 hours of quality service, as long as the enterprise can go through using some fees, deposit and other expenses is not to need to pay, this is the operator and formal agent to handle the primary difference between a 400 call, letter lton-us win 400 telephone do not need to pay fees,You only need to pre-deposit the phone fee to open.