Old photos of the Legend of Zhen Huan celebration banquet have been exposed, showing the faces of all the ladies ten years ago. Why am I the only one who is old?

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Recently, Legend of Zhen Huan came with hot search again.Photos of the celebration banquet of The Legend of Zhen Huan have been exposed. In the photos, you can see the familiar faces and modern costumes of the empresses, which are still touching compared with the drama.Photos from the celebration show most of the drama’s cast, from leading actors Chen Jianbin, Sun Li, Jiang Xin and CAI Shaofen to the young actors who play the main characters, such as Tan Songyun, Tang Yixin and MAO Xiaotong, as well as director Zheng Xiaolong and music producer Liu Huan.Interestingly, two “empress” Sun Li, Jiang Xin to the role of Cao Qinmo Chen Si Si, are consistent short hair oblique bangs, plus massy eyeliner, visible ten years ago the mainstream makeup.Big florets of the green past have left a record, modern outfit of the ladies as beautiful and generous!The looks of the actors have not changed much either, and age seems not to have taken its toll on them.Captured to the “Empress of China” Jiang Xin between the eyes still have the heroic, Sun Li, Chen Jianbin and other old drama bone in the celebration of the feast appears easy, each other familiar chat happily.Still have the young actor that a batch of personate small advocate additionally, personate chun nobleman tan Songyun for instance, personate qi nobleman tang Yixin, in those days do not pass the age of 20 many, acting and appearance are revealing a green astringent breath, but after many years grow to become mature actor, the audience is like a few family precious.The group photo shows that the cast members of legend of Zhen Huan are very friendly, without the infighting of the drama.The Zhen Huan biography has been aired for a decade, but Internet users continues to look, even persuade zheng guide in a show to see, but the “biography of Zhen Huan out one by one, about the terrier also emerge in endlessly, the clothing modelling in ten years later has not quite passed today to see, it is no wonder that many netizens sigh the cast Zhen Huan white suit of tao is really amazing!It can be seen that a good play can be welcomed by wave after wave of audiences and become a classic, which is created by many factors.Find the wonderful activities in the city on the talk of the city activities – movies, performances, parties, exhibitions and other one-stop network aggregation, price comparison, ticket purchase